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Jolly Roe seeking contacts!

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My Hellsguard Roegadyn, Bronze Leaf, is looking for contacts! She's a jolly Roe from outside Eorzea, only arriving with her nomadic family just before the Calamity 5 years ago. Pretty jolly and outgoing, she works as a sellsword and armorer for the Starfall Trading Company.


I'm interested in family, friendships, maybe a relationship for her, rivals or enemies, people she can rely on for goods and materials, etc etc. I am also not against ERP, so long as it is tasteful or it has been discussed beforehand.


I'll be making a wiki for her soon!


If you're interested, please reply or PM me with a potential plot or a bit about your own character, and we'll see where we go!

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More roe? more roe.  Always happy to meet people, and she sounds like she'd get along with my main Fyrilsunn swimmingly.  He's an adventurer with a big heart, and a bigger axe, and always in search for new drinking buddies.

Maybe! I'd definitely like to see that <3 Maybe we can get them talking via PM or in-game!

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Jolly folks are the best folks, always glad to see more! My own personal ball of sunshine Chachan is always up for making more friends, especially a fellow armorer. They might talk shop or possibly work together on a project at the Smithing Guilds in Limsa~


I'll possibly poke you in game if you don't get me there (or in PMs) first!

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I swear I had to double take and make sure I didn't in fact read Jolly Joe. 


Anywaaaaay Jolly Roe is always welcome, hope I get to chuck one of my characters at you though I can't immediately think of some way a La Noscean born chef/merc or an Ul'dahn...'entrepreneur', for lack of a better title, can get in touch but I'll figurr something out @u@

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I would love to start up some roleplay with you! Aly's wiki is here . Feel free to message me in game or pm me here!


Just popping in here to say that the link to your wiki is broken.

At least for me it is. "Page cannot be located" error.

Oh thank you for letting me know! here lets try this https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Aly_Fashonti


All better now!

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