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Hello! I might be able to offer you a home that includes characters your guy might like!


Wayfarer's of Eorzea is a Tavern/Inn that also happens to host a wide range of facilities including a clinic, a stage, two bars, and a classroom. We're a pretty friendly group that focuses on RP over content though we do have a few people who do content stuff. As for whom you might get along with? We have a few healers actually but off the top of my head:


Arietty Moonfall: My own girl, she's blind and is a healer like yourself but she prefers magic to the practical she has studied practical healing.


Selarian Cloverbloom is like yourself. He's relatively younger but is more of a practical hands on healer who can use magic when it's needed.


Anyways if your interested shoot me a PM here or in-game and we can talk more or meet. Welcome to Balmung!

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I'm curious, is he a Conjurer or more along the lines of a physician like they have in Ishgard? (I can't spell the damn name. The damn name is weird.)


I have a Hearer affiliated with the Stillglade Fane who is currently on a pilgrimage, buuuut if you're a former member of the Adders, since she's a current member, perhaps they've met before? :) I'm open to background ties and open debates about the efficacy of non-magical healing versus magical healing. :D

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Welcome to Balmung! Feel free to prod me if you want just like a random encounter, I think both Nailah and my conjurer-alt could provide for a nice chatter somewhere. Hope you find everything you're looking for :)

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[align=center]" Here a cookie for a future meeting! "[/align]



Welcome on Balmung! Hope you are ready to have fun with many awesome people! 


I found that interresting, my character travel a lot too. X'zanza is a Miqo'te and the incarnation of the happiness and a monster when it's come to food. ( She is use to always have something to eat ( Cookie is one of the things she always have with her. ) ) 


But yea yea... I'm not good with that, but well! I'm sure your character and mine could be friend! X'zanza always love to learn new things. So if you saw me in the game don't be shy to come talk to me, there chance that I would be more shy than you to speak with other.  

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