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A Show of Farce! April 17th, 3pm EST

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Ciel, wait, it's pinching... look, I know I asked you to help me, but you're being terribly brutal about it; for Twelves' sake, how hard can it be to get a tutu on? No, don't give me that cute look; even you aren't fetching enough to make me forget that sort of pain... and put down that popoto! Wait a moment, is that linkpearl on? Oh, bloody hell.


We might as well get on with this.


Come laugh, come cry, come get something thrown into your eye, or if you're lucky, you could simply join the performers of Eorzea once more for the latest in our recurring show series:


[align=center]A Show of Farce![/align]




When: Sunday, April 17th, 3pm EST


Where: The Hermit's Hovel (Outer La Noscea)

(outside the Hovel! OUTSIDE! There's no room for all of us in that little shack, not even if we use the loft! There's not even enough room for a proper... ah, nevermind.)




[align=center]Performance Roster: FINAL[/align]




Quri Ayaala

Savo Kesslivang

Mina Rhaal and Ciciru Ciru

Leanne Delphium

Odette Saoirse

Ciel Grayve

Nathan Telluride

Raeje Draeka





Your entirely silly hosts Nathan Telluride and Ciel Grayve invite you and yours to an event that celebrates humor, pranks, slapstick, and all things amusing. Once again, we call to performers across the Balmung community to prepare a 3-8 minute presentation - song, dance, stories, acting - for the following theme:


[align=center]Taken By Farce[/align]




For this theme, we invite parody, humor, jokes, silliness, and all sorts of goofy fun. A little bit of metahumor is welcomed, too - just be sure to keep your Eorzean audience in mind.


[align=center]Guidelines for Performers[/align]


- Since our show is meant to be an event open to the general RP community, we ask that our presenters maintain a level of performance that would get no one in terrible trouble. Please keep your offerings to no worse than a "T for Teen" rating. Save the REAL burlesque and the Lenny Bruce / George Carlin tributes for indoors!


- Performances should connect in some way to themes of Generic Fantasy, FFXIV, or even gaming-related metahumor. If you're good enough, you can make it stick, but do keep our Balmung audience in mind. A joke you have to explain is a joke on you as the performer.


- As before, we ask that each artist prepare and give only ONE performance, to allow the event to run in a timely fashion and so that both veterans and new faces alike have a chance to shine. We know that a few of you are pushing the limit as is your nature... and we're watching you, ready to dump $240 Worth of Pudding on you (oh, yeah).


- For everyone's benefit, please have your performance prepared ahead of time, either as macros (hardcore!) or as pre-written lines (NI!) that can be copypasted. We want to laugh at your cleverness, not cry waiting for you to type out an essay by hand!


- We will be using /yell for performances and announcements, as the Hermit's Hovel area is well out of the general way, so prepare accordingly. If we interrupt people enjoying the usual, ah, use of this area, well, that's rather part of the Farce, isn't it?




[align=center]Notices for All Attendees[/align]


- In observation of the theme, wear your silliest or funniest outfits and colors!


- During performances, as usual, we ask that audience chat that would normally go into /say, /em or /yell be kept in /party chat, and that attendees form into parties to be able to have fun and RP while still allowing others to enjoy the performances.


- We expect to have a 15-20 minute intermission at around the halfway point of the show.


- After the official performances, we will open the stage up for Open Mike One Liners. Our audience members will have a chance to step up and share their best one-line joke (T for Teen rating, and ONE post each, folks!) to continue the spirit of merriment into the afternoon.


Upon the conclusion of our program, we will offer a few final words and thanks from the hosts, and an update of our next show.


Come on out and have a good time, and leave with your sides in stitches. Meet the community, and get to know the people promoting entertainer RP on Balmung, and bump elbows with those who might be your next big RP connections. Pick your own silly walk that takes you to our show, and always obey the Rule of Funny.



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Sweet! $240 worth of pudding!!


Jancis will happily "Cook and Chill" at this one! Aww Yeah




This time around I will definitely focus more on hosting a party for people who are coming solo.




Whole idea of the party is you're free to be a chatter box while the performance is going on without having to till through the chat-spam for people talking to you or talking around you. So be prepared for Jancis to fail terribly with pun jokes and then apologize to those around her while also being terribly interested in people and what they have to say.


Also if anyone needs a ride to Outer La Noscea beforehand for the crystal and an escort to the hovel, I'll be around beforehand.

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We have confirmation for Mina and Cici... awww yeah.


And for those who are lower level, and may have trouble getting to the event area, please do take Jancis up on her generous offer to help escort you up there. The location itself is free from mobs, so once you're there, you're golden.

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We still have room for more performers for the Show of Farce. If you're too shy for the sultry stuff, to real for the poetic stuff, or too chill for the hardcore stuff, this could very well be the show you've been waiting for.


So, if laughter is the best medicine, we want more physicians.

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This sounds amazing. I'd love to go. Unfortunately I have to work when it starts, and I'm not sure if it will be going on when I get home. Also, I'm performing at the Tribal Awareness event on the same day, so it would be a tight squeeze. I request more of these...Not the tight squeezes, the farce events, although tight squeezes are negotiable too.

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This sounds amazing. I'd love to go. Unfortunately I have to work when it starts, and I'm not sure if it will be going on when I get home. Also, I'm performing at the Tribal Awareness event on the same day, so it would be a tight squeeze. I request more of these...Not the tight squeezes, the farce events, although tight squeezes are negotiable too.


The events in this series tend to last for about 3 hours, so even if you miss the start, come on out anyway - you'll likely catch at least some of the acts.


Comedy as a focus is something fairly new for this particular series, though I have to give credit to the influences of Mina and Cici, Ciel, Leanne and a number of others for making it a viable topic. The fact that we're kind of celebrating a late April Fools kind of influenced us, too, of course.


While we're on the subject, there still is room on the performance roster for the Show of Farce, so any performer who has a good routine that matches our guidelines is invited to jump on in.

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I should be able to make it after all. The TAD doesn't start until 7CST, so I can come over between 4-7pm CST. I would like to perform maybe 3 or 4 poems if that's alright.


I will add you to the latter end of the roster, then, to accommodate your schedule. Please do review and hold to the guidelines in the opening post of this thread; these are there not to limit our performers, but to make sure that everyone gets a fair amount of stage time and to keep the shows moving.

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Added Ciel and myself to the performance roster for sake of completeness. The roster order may still change as we approach the performance, or as more are added.


We still have space for performers, and LOTS of space for audiences. Put us on your calendar, right between your trip to Spatula City and the Lederhosen Relief Fund Banquet.

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Another good bump!


Our show is tomorrow; we still have room for a couple of more performers, but you must reply to this thread before tonight (Saturday) is over to be assured a spot on the roster. The roster itself will be updated before the show.


Laughers and laugh providers are all welcomed.

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