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Hey everyone. It's my first time posting here, so please bear with me.


I recently rolled a character on Odin after doing a little research and gathering that it seems to be one of the "unofficial" RP servers chosen by players.


Now, I've been searching for fellow RPers, but I've not had much luck so far.


If someone could point me in the right direction, or maybe offer a few words of advice, I would be very grateful.


Having some new friends would be nice, so contacting me in-game would be great too.


Thanks in advance for any kind of help you can give.

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There's no hope for EU players, then?


Most European players actually play on Balmung as well. EU servers used to be at the same physical location as the NA servers until very recently, so when the community shaped up after the relaunch people naturally went to where all of the NA'ers also was. There could be some on Gilgamesh as well, I can't really speak for them, but we've got several good guilds for Europeans on Balmung :) You can see the link to the European directly in my signature. 


If you decide to transfer over, do remember that you can transfer 8 characters in total for the same price as one as long as they come from the same server.

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Thanks for the responses, guys.


A pity to hear there isn't anything established on Odin. I was led to believe that's where the EU RPers were.


As tempting as a transfer might be, I don't want to give up on the server just yet. I think I'll stick around for a while and try to make a go of it. Transfer is an option if my efforts prove to be totally futile.


Anybody on Odin is welcome to contact me in-game if they're interested in getting together. I've managed to already meet one person and we've set up a LFRP linkshell. I have hope for Odin yet.

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