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✬Pub Crawl✬

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“ Across the desert and through the woods, to every tavern we go! Call off the search for what to do this weekend as Crescent, Gilded Pony, and The Drunken Moogle offer you a straight up good time! You and your questionable friends are welcomed to join us for a variety of socializing, games, and contests as we celebrate! If luck be on your side you may go home with more than just a hangover! ”



Who: All those who dare to make the trek!

What: A journey through the wilds of Eorzea, stopping at each bar, dive, and tavern we pass. Immersion music will be played en route so start making a list of your favorite drinking songs! @ Crescent-play

When:   Friday, April15th, 8:30PM EST


    Begin:Ul'dah Gates - Outside the Quicksand ( 12.0 , 8.0 )

    End: @ The Drunken Moogle (Ward 4, Plot 8, Lavender Beds)   

Why: If you like to drink, shmooze, and travel this is the journey for you!  If you’re on the shy side don’t fret, we’ll fix you up with some great drinking buddies to ease you into the celebrations!

Theme: Pirates or Ninjas. Come in FULL dress as your favorite!



Q: What FCs are collaborating on this event?

A: We are three different FCs that often collaborate and co-host to offer the community fun events!


@crescent-ffxiv ( -C- ) is an entertainment & promotions company who host parties, Club Nights, and a wide variety of seasonal events. They also do client work and assist with the organization, hosting, and documentation of YOUR next big event! Need help planning an event? Crescent is for hire!


@gildedpony-ffxiv (GP-RP) is a privately owned cabaret and burlesque club that offers their services to the community as a whole. With open shows on the second and third Saturdays of the month, and private shows available upon request, Pony is capable of meeting most all of your entertainment needs! Looking for something specific, set up a consultation today!

@drunkenmoogle (DM-RP) is a quiet little pub set in the serenity of the Lavender Beds. People come from far and wide to sample some of the finest food and ales Eorzea has to offer, all at reasonable prices. Whether you come to relax, meet new people or just complain about your day, the Drunken Moogle has everything to put you at ease.


Q: Just -what- kinds of activities will we be doing at each stop?

A: With every tavern we visit, we’ll enjoy a variety of activities, entertainment, and socializing. These include but are not limited to: [shots pre-game, Best Pickup lines, Best Puns, Best Expletives, Dance Roulette, bard songs, and a ridiculous drinking game for those who last til the afterparty!] Don’t forget to dress up in our costume theme: Ninjas and pirates!

Q: I don’t know if I can make it on time..how do I find you if you’re going to be moving?!

A: You can either track us down along the path/stops or whisper one of our hosts! We’ll be stopping at: [Coffer & Coffin, Drybone, and Buscarron’s Druthers, Gridania Inn, Afterparty @ the Drunken Moogle].

You can /tell   West O'hteco, W'aelwyn Turrel, or Bex’li Nelhah

★ We’d adore your help in spreading the word, thank you!★

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This is our third time running this event on FFXIV and we've had such a great crowd each time. Crescent tries to host these as a collaboration event every three or so months.  Please enjoy the [terribly but lovingly edited] videos from our last two trips!







(Via dailymotion so you'll have to click upon the link to view ♥ )



We look forward to having you all! <3

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