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Wayfarers of Eorzea Succession

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Hello everyone!


Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Afternoon, and Good Night!


It has been a fun ride these past few months while doing a variety of server events, meeting loads of new people, and attempting to build a dynasty that would last past my time here. And while I have enjoyed being at the forefront, several occurrences have made this time the best time to pass the torch. I am now married, a mod of these forums, and a friend to many. It seems that it is simply time to make this change.


Fear not! For I am not gone entirely. I will stil be around planning and running events at Wayfarer's Rest and the Wayfarer Giveaway will turn into Rini's Gift giveaway. I will still very much be found as an advocate of WoE unless there comes an exception or a complication. I'll also be offering my services to other companies and clients as an event planner during my free time. I might even have a few machinima shorts for you in the upcoming months.


Lastly, I wanted to make this post to mainly draw attention that things might change or posts may be made concerning the fc that I might not make. These posts aren't fake and will be completely legit. I am unsure who will be in charge of posting so I can't say who will be doing it, however, O'sena is the new acting Matron and Arietty is still an officer. I wish I could tell you more but it's still in its transistioning phase.


I want to give a huge thank you to all my supporters and I hope to see you all again soon...and as always,


Have a good one!

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