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Edda Vincents: NIGHT WITCH - lookin for new friends, etc.

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Hello RPC, I've been here a while but never considered making a connections thread until now. Having seen the success of threads like these in the past, I finally decided I'd take the plunge in hopes of meeting some new contacts for roleplaying


Meet Edda Vincents, Night Witch


Hailing from Ul'dah, Eorzea's trade capital, Edda was fortunate enough to be born a moneylender's daughter. A princess of the new nobility, where business empires waged war like the houses of old (which still do battle in Ishgard). Power - and the conflict that ensues from it - was her birthright, and this notion was drilled into her from a young age. It was only when she grew older that her real power became apparent. On her 12th nameday, she was sent off to study the art of Thaumaturgy, apprenticed to a travelling wizard. Six years later, she emerged a gifted young sorceress.


Fresh out of her apprenticeship and thrust into the big wide world without a mentor to protect her, Edda's had to adapt quickly, putting her lessons into practice as an adventurer. Wielding considerable magical prowess, an inclination for deceit and a preference for dark places, Edda intends to forge her own empire, greater than any inheritance. The lengths to which she'll go to attain it, however, remain uncertain.


Personal Details

  • Name: Edda Vincents
  • Race & Clan: Midlander Hyur
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Female
  • Guardian Deity: Nald'thal
  • S/O: Heterosexual
  • Occupation: Adventuring Mage




For many she encounters, Edda is a rather... unpleasant woman. The kind of person who speaks her mind at all times without much thought for whether it might be inconsiderate or rude. Indeed, many have referred to her as a spoiled brat (among other, cruder terms), an assessment that is not without merit. She holds herself in high esteem, having been brought up with the idea that she is a prodigy and therefore above common people. This has made her grossly overconfident. She can be vain, selfish and downright nasty - this wins her few friendships, but many enemies, something she might be aware of and even enjoy.


Past the acid-tongued aggression lies an ambitious young mind, possessed of a cunning intellect which seems focused upon controlling her surroundings - something she seems desperate to do, as if her emotional well-being depends on it. This hint of insecurity - fear - suggests that Edda may be more vulnerable than she lets on.



RP I'm looking for


I'm pretty flexible - social stuff, fighty stuff, shady stuff, investigations, political intrigue, dark horror stuff - it's all good, as long as it's interesting and reasonable.


RP Hooks


For characters who haven't met her before!


  • The Family Business - Edda, like her father before her, has a history of hiring assorted goons to do her dirty work. If your character is a mercenary, they may be aware of her - and that she rewards those who do an exceptional job.
  • Eyes Everywhere - Edda has a wide network of contacts and informants - she's currently employed as the Harbingers of Dawn's spymaster, after all. If something's happening, especially in the Ul'dahn underworld, she may well know about it.
  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice - While her former teacher's reputation as a mage exceeds her own, Edda has made enough of a name for herself to be recognised as a capable spellcaster - if an inexperienced one. Should your character require magical aid (or also happens to be a mage), they might seek her out.



I'm willing to work out a pre-existing connection between our characters, provided they make sense. Ideas might include:


  • The Underworld - She'd never admit it, but Edda has meddled in some less-than-legal affairs - Ul'dah is, after all, a place of widespread corruption. There are plenty of shady dealings going on behind the scenes, which she'd rather keep under wraps.
  • The Thaumaturges' Guild - While she wasn't a student of the Order of Nald'thal, she visits the Ossuary regularly to conduct research and pay her respects to The Traders.
  • Adventuring - She might have crossed your path in the past, having served in a number of expeditions during her apprenticeship - at her master's side, of course. In the more recent past, she's been known to take particular interest in fighting and slaying voidsent - which she pejoratively calls demons.



Feel free to talk to me here on the forums, ingame, or via my Skype & Discord!

IGN: Edda Vincents

Discord: E∴V∴#0159

Skype: edvynspellfyre

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Edda and Zozo might get along.


Zozo's a wandering relic hunter of mostly hushed repute.


Some reasons that might link them together:

  • Zozo is known for taking on special students, and teaching them outside guild curriculum, so there's potential for a long-lost student hook there, if you'd like.
  • Being a wanderer himself, they may of crossed paths.
  • While not public knowledge, Zozo is known in certain circles for the black market sale of the most valuable treasures he comes across. 
  • Zozo visits the HoD tavern regularly.

Dark Souls 3 has consumed my... soul... lately... but I do try to pop on every other day. Zozomaru Roromaru is my character; feel free to drop a line if you're interested.

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I've been wanting to RP with you for a while, but I still can't figure out which character I should go with. I'll leave that up to you!


Wikis are linked in my sig, so check em out and shoot me a PM if you're interested!

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