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New FC Concept; Seeking input!

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I am seeking input on what I believe to be a fresh new take on a role play Free Company. So basically, I own a medium house of my own. It is attached to a free company, which enables me to build rooms for my alts and store/train multiple chocobos, and all of that noise. I have been thinking about opening up the free company to outside people for a bit of time, now. The concept I have come up with might be of interest to some other role players, so i wanted to put the feelers out there to see if there is any real interest. Anyways, i'll get to the idea, now.


Essentially, there is no Free Company, from an in-character standpoint. The house is the pivotal concept, in this instance. I am considering opening up my Free Company's doors to the public to allow people to construct private rooms that will serve as residences; apartments, if you will. The house itself serves as a communal area with a rather extravagant dining hall (bar included!), lounge and bath house. Basically, the three most important social areas in a place like Eorzea. I put many hours into designing the home, and I think it will impress even the most picky of tenants. There would only be one rule in terms of private room construction; you cannot include a dining area or bathing facilities. This is to encourage people to socialize with the other tenants and potential guests in the actual house. This may seem like an annoying restriction, but it actually frees up a LOT of space for you to utilize in designing your own private chambers, since you don't have to worry about squeezing in these two features.


So, you are probably scratching your head by now, wondering why I would pitch a basic concept like an apartment complex with a strong emphasis on building a small community. Well, the strength of this idea comes in play when you realize what exactly an environment like this can offer you. First and perhaps most important, you are not bound by the rules and regulations of a Free Company. Are you a mercenary? Cool beans, you can rent a room. Are you a thief or pirate? Well, so long as you aren't advertising your life of crime freely, there is no real issue here! This basically forms a congregation of a vastly diverse group of people under one roof. You get to socialize with people who your character may not otherwise have any chance to bond with by simply being a neighbor. Now, if I find enough interest in this idea and recruit members, there WILL be central storylines that people can jump in on. Nobody will be excluded, events will be planned that are pretty open to most -- if not all -- character concepts. Aside from the obvious social parties and events, there is sure to be a lot of fun to be had. I was tossing around ideas for a murder mystery arc, if that's something people would be interested in, for example! Everybody is free to come up with their own events for the group, and of course, you will have easy access to a very wide range of character types. So, if you need help on a job, who better to ask than a neighbor? Just don't forget to bring back that measuring cup you borrowed!


I should note that i would highly encourage anyone who was interested in this idea to also keep seeking out and maintaining contacts they have with other Free Companies. Just because you'd be an OOC member of my own company in order to house your apartment in the complex does not mean you are restricted from joining in on other people's events. I'm certain there are numerous FC's out there who would welcome you to join any and all of their events even without your membership. So, you will not be lacking in that regards! Your mercenary character can still be part of a band of unruly sellswords while living here. Maybe the company you're involved with will consider making a Linkshell for communications that you can still be a part of. Never hurts to ask!

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I've seen this concept before and loved it but it never when anywhere. However with the possibility of the apartments being added soon this might be a moot point. Sorta depends if apartments are limited or not. 


Though I really love the idea of your FC being like an apartment building sorta like Maison Ikkoku. 


You wouldn't by any chance be located in the Mist would you?

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I actually had a similar idea when I got a house attached to an FC, but seeing as it was meant to be a private home for my character, the apartment idea didn't make much sense. I'm not sure I think the no bathing/dining area in private chambers is a good idea. While I understand you want others to socialize, people who are joining an FC like this are probably looking for a pretty large measure of freedom in their FC, since the FC doesn't exist IC and going strictly off what we see here doesn't seem to have many rules or much administration OOC. And while it would save on space, people often want more private areas for dining and bathing especially with other characters, or they may want to use a certain furniture item in their room (i.e. the sylphic dining stuff is adorable).


That's my only concern with the whole concept, though. Otherwise, I think it's a great idea. I hope you go through with it, and best of luck if you do!

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I've been floating a similar idea in my head for a while now... But I'm terrible with getting and holding onto gil. Still, as folks have said already - it's a good concept. People get to have rooms and additional RP space that isn't tied to an actual IC FC. There's a lot of potential there, especially if you're willing to have the house itself be open to minor remodeling here and there to fit the scene of a particular RP. Of course, doing something like that would require a hefty among of coordination and furnishing savvy of the people able to make such changes.


However, I would also agree with Faye about applying those sorts of rules. You'll want to promote creativity and freedom rather than restrict them.

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This is very very close to House of Oschon's FC concept.  We offer a mostly OOC environment for our FC members, who are treated as tenants ICly.  We don't require an overall story, so characters can know each other very loosely or go to events together if they choose, etc.  We do not, on a regular basis, provide rooms for everyone as far as providing the gil, but can make exceptions to allow members ready to get rooms to do so ASAP.


Everyone -must- get along OOCly, at least be civil to each other. There is no room for drama that seeks to tear the group apart.  The general ideas about settling everything fairly, and accepting everyone as they are, however they RP.  The only thing I have found as a con to this FC method so far, is that many do not want to join an FC for fear they will be stuck with them forever, so we always make sure that people know, we will be as hands on or hands off as they like.  We are busy RPers and gamers, but we do content regularly and don't mind helping within reason.  Anyone who finds an opportunity for their character, that they feel fits them in more detail, is totally welcome to give notice of leave, and make their way to that group.  Just a simple interview to make sure people aren't more crazy than usual, lay down the generals with a link to the FC Rules post, and point out the important things, and you are set!


There is always room for another FC of the same concept, I hope that this helps you in some way!

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I already gave up on the concept and began to sell off the 40+ million worth of furniture i had made to give to people to decorate their rooms. There was no interest in membership, so i am just saving the gil to buy more houses when they are available, instead!


The house is in the goblet, btw, to the one who asked.

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Sorry I am late to the party. >.> And I'm also sorry to hear that it didn't work out, but I did want to give you some slight input before you finish hanging your hat.


This was the first concept that I had when I went into building Wayfarers almost a year ago, but, like you, I had similar results. We were suppose to be a home for the homeless with very few rules and an open mind to all players that came to us. They could come in, buy a room, do whatever they want with it and also find RP with other members who were living at the same house with the same issue of not having a place to belong. What I learned was that people need more than that, or at least they want more than that, and other elements have to come into play. Some people like adventuring, some like the bar scene, some like going out as a group or even just having a higher purpose. In the end, Wayfarers turned more into a family like company that have the freedom to evolve their own story with other people and even make their own events. Even when I started to run only bar nights alone our numbers started to roll in quickly. I'm not going to say it didn't have set backs and it still does. In hindsight, a solid rule system and punishment system is needed to keep things in order, even among friends. But it really comes down to find that one thing that draws people in.


So yea, the idea is great and there needs to be more of them, but you have to find your hook and realize that things might not go exactly how your prefer them. If you ever plan to try this again I'd be happy to help anyway I can. Just send a PM sometime. Anyway, take care, cheers, and have a good one. : )

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