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All aboard! Chooo choo~


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Hello and welcome to my failure of an introduction! I'm a bit of timid bug when it comes to these things; because having to introduce yourself is like trying to not offer your soul to the devil. In which case, I'm doomed.






Alright, so I guess to the basics. I'm a Role player; if that part wasn't obvious, and I play on Balmung (Hurrrrrah!). I have a few characters in the game. But, the current one is my lovely little Miqo'te Pearl .I've been dabbling in the roleplay scene for a bit over eleven years now and I'd like to consider myself seasoned; It's great on salty meats! (Don't take that the wrong way you dirty birds!) I'm a happy person, in general, and I love meeting new people and making long term friends! Umm, I consider myself to be fun.. but, that's really in the eye of the beholder. I can be a strange earthling..





A lot strange...


I'll probably make for Wiki's for my other characters; in due time, and update this introduction. But, for the time being, I've just got one thing to say...



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Thank you very much! I was hoping to keep it entertaining-ish! Lol.

I promise to not hesitate if I have any questions :3



What a great way to introduce yourself. Welcome to the RPC!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. :)

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Oh wow what a lovely collection of GIFs! You speak my language! I must retaliate in kind!


-dramatically clears throat-




Welcome to Balmung and all that! Do enjoy your stay, like this happy Bulbasaur.




Stay classy! :cactuar:

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Your intro, feels did it give, bad about this they are.




Prepare for action!




All missiles on RP target



We can be friends


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Alright now this seems like FUN...



I am new here as well but have been a part of RP for...*cough*




With that being said. My wife who is new to RP will also be joining Bal along with me. So new friends and people willing to be patient with her are very welcome.


And oh I like...



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