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Gladiator Rp Events

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An idea rolled about in my head. So, I've come to understand myself, and some others within the Balmung Rp community play Gladiator characters. I know that there is already a Runestone and a Grindstone. But I have an idea that we can making the Gladiator scene a bit more sporty. First it would start as a Linkshell to get all the Gladiator characters together and in a place where they can talk and perhaps prompt some Rp with one another. If we can get enough interest and enough Gladiator role players to join, then perhaps we could go into a bit more depth. 


I know a lot of these sorts of Role players kinda write their characters having matches, but done off screen. Though imagine were there's like an actual Gladiator League. A big Coordination to where these Role players actually get to fight their matches ICly and write against other Player Characters. There would be seasons. A certain amount of Gladiators would sign up. Then something along the lines of a pool play would begin. Perhaps like show matches over a span of a few weeks were each Gladiator fights each other once. Then once everyone has fought, the top so and so Gladiators with the best records move onto a Bracket styled tournament. You get a Champion, perhaps winning a prize money and then you begin with the next season.


What would you guys think about that? I'm just willing to see if I can get any support for this idea and obviously some more preparation before anything gets up off the ground. Do you guys have any other ideas you might wanna throw in there to add to this? Repost here. And if people have a Gladiator character they would like to place themselves in a Linkshell, just get a hold of me here or in game. I play Adala Archer and As'toryden Tia.


Some other ideas I had, even it ever got that far. Would have someone kind enough to make like flyers for the matches each week sort of like what Boxing or UFC does. Really make it like an actual sporting event. Perhaps maybe let those spectating take bets. Of course each Gladiator having their own fighter name.


And maybe if it got super popular. We would still have these seasonal tournaments, but maybe something even more in depth? Perhaps like something along the line of Esports-ish if anyone keeps up with like League of Legends or Smite. What I mean is that if this -really- got off the ground, perhaps having like a Champion League where like the -best- 8 or 12 fighters fight in what is like the "Pro" league. And then sort of like the amateur league or Challenger League. Where 8 or 12 up coming fighters fight to move up into the Champion League.


Again, the idea stated above is something to just to play around with, and would only happen if: A - there was enough support after the normal season. And B - People wanted to do it in the first place.


So what do you guys thing? Interested? Ideas? Changes? Lemme know.

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Sounds awesome! In fact I was having a semi similar idea in my mind. Just with betting, rigging eventually and making it a bit more shady. But if you'd want to keep it totally legit, I'd completely understand that.


If you need help, just give me a poke!

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Combat tournaments are pretty awesome, but I might be coming at it from a biased perspective!


There actually is an established, canon setting for Gladiators get their glads on: The Coliseum! There's obvious troubles with that, though: We can't actually access the Bloodsands for starters, and two, we don't really know how the inner workings, well, work. There's a peek at a special event in the Dragon's Neck encounter but I'm fairly sure they go on about it being out of the norm. So, what's a gladiator to do?


...it really depends on the person! I think one of the bigger challenges people playing veterans of the Bloodsands get is the recognition that would come from it: The Coliseum pre-Calamity was out-and-out bloodsport, and the Gladiator storyline had you actually fighting in front of crowds in 1.0. The lore states that, since then, the Bloodsands have fallen out of favor and instead now appear to be an exhibition-style kind of environment: Dragon's Neck again comes to mind, and the tournament leading up to it. (It's also one more example of the power curve that changed with ARR: 1.0 Coliseum was grittier combat in comparison to the super wind blade techniques demonstrated, which no one bats an eye at).


It's a comfortable grey area for gladiators to come from the pre-Calamity setting: It was actually a different kind of combat and since it's no longer in the game, it makes sense that no one would really become famous or anything if they don't participate anymore. Modern day gladiators appear to be advertised heavily, and that can get sticky for roleplayers.


I think that's part of why the "outside" events work as well as they do: Since no -Stone event has official backing by any nation and things like Spellguard and Aethersteel and Fight Club and Tournament of Champions and Lucha Eorzea are all technically "indie" or FC-sponsored affairs, there's no worry about becoming a huge star or there being a backlash of what would be a giant nation-wide spectacle not registering on the radar of Jeaux Averageux the Roleplayer.


There's easily ways around this, though. If you're using Gladiator without meaning Coliseum-based-capital-G-Gladiator then we can safely ignore all of this. Not everyone who fights in the Coliseum is locked to only fighting there! You can easily just frame it as looking for those who like fighting to come and take part in a tournament with a very-different format from the current variety. I think the only "problem" would come from attempting to attach actual canon sanction to whatever happens, but you're obviously free to do that as well!


If you did mean Sword-and-board-Gladiator you also run into the classic event problem: If you're looking for a very specific type of character you run the risk of excluding people who would be interested unintentionally! Again, this is pretty easily handled if you're not meaning "Literally of the Gladiator Class" when you say "gladiator." Halatali HM gives us a pretty good glimpse at what we could probably expect from the Coliseum now: You fight a number of fighters with varying weapons in the dungeon, including spellcasters. It's safe to say that "Gladiator-the-class" isn't actually a prerequisite for being a "Gladiator-who-fights."


I think the idea's got legs. It offers a different take on one of the RP community's seemingly-favorite pastimes and I think you'll find more than a few who are willing to get their hands dirty.

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I'd be open to help spread the word on a gladiator event, seeing as Mhaya is a serious gladiator. I'm not big on /random based events, which is why I'd be up to spread the word over actual participation. As for non-combat RP between gladiators, yes, I am up for that 150%!

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As someone who RPed a career Gladiator for nearly a year before an accident forced her retirement, I would have absolutely loved to have a group like this. I was fortunate enough to have my husband RPing another Gladiator at the time and we took turns 'creating' NPC opponents for eachother's characters to face. Ultimately it became very tiring and difficult to keep up with only the two of us and eventually both characters left the ring for good. 


     While it lasted, it was certainly a lot of fun and it truly created the foundation for what Klynzahr is today. That being said there are some things to remember.


1) As Warren already stated the Gladiator's guild seems to have become more of an exhibition and show-style fight. We can see from the post-moogle questline that Franz the Fair has his fights scripted to ensure that he always wins for example. The show is worth more than the skill in his case and it is likely that most "professionals" put on an act of some kind.


2) Building off of number one, the coliseum is not just for Gladiators any more. Even in 1.0 you could find fighters with many different styles and weapons, along with wild animals, spell casters, paired and group matches. Once again it comes down to variety and showmanship. Above all keep the audience entertained!


3) That doesn't necessarily mean there is no danger involved, particularly for the low ranked Gladiators and the Noxius. There is a low level quest in Ul'dah where members of the miner's guild suggest that a young lalafellian hopeful is going to be seriously injured  in the ring if she continues to focus on her fame and image at the expense of her training.


4) Take care not to step on NPC toes! We can't have more than one Franz the Fair running about and many people might grow uncomfortable with the idea of characters growing truly famous from the RP. It is one thing to play one of several hundred gladiators, it is another thing to claim to be the best. If you do go for tournaments (rather than simple exhibition fights) take care to ensure that their power is limited. Maybe you oversee low tiered tournaments for lesser known gladiators?


5) Don't overdo the fighting. This is a suggestion from personal experience. If you push matches too often, you wind up with characters that are constantly injured or do nothing but fight. If I were to try this again, I would have Klyn fighting once/ month if even that. It is only reasonable to assume that the majority of a Professional Gladiator's life is spent in preparation and training. 


6) Make use of the gladiator culture. Various questlines show gladiators working and training in close-knit teams, each one lead by a retired fighter known as their Lanista. They oversee training, help to arrange matches, and most likely have a hand in the showmanship side of the fights as well. (the last bit was a guess)


Even though Klyn is long past the ring, I would be very interested in a Gladiator linkshell. I might even be willing to involve her again as a Lanista. I think there is real potential for some coliseum- centered RP on this server, and possibly even IC matches, provided that they can remain unique and distinct from events like the grindstone.

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This is great! I have been looking for something like this for my character Alvered.


I have even begun to put together a FC that will essentially work as an event similar to this, though less "structured" like an arena fight and more like an underground fight club with loan sharks and all that fun stuff within a seedy tavern setting. Fights in the basement, racking up IC debt that later may or may not have some real live THUGS knocking at your door... who doesn't like a little drama?!


I would LOVE to be apart of a blood sport set up as well with Al, as she fights where ever she can, :D

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