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Newbie here!

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Hiya, everyone!


I've been in the Roleplay scene for awhile now, and since I recently got into FFXIV some time ago, I though I might try and see how it goes here! ^^;


A little unsure of how to start, but I think I've got a few guesses. I'm just worried if my character's name might be a problem? I've seen people use the traditional naming systems for Miqo'te characters, and my character doesn't have that (for now). Would I absolutely need to change it to fit in? That's honestly my biggest question...


Thanks! I uhm, I hope to fit in and do well here!

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While it does vary from person to person whether or not your character's name will be accepted, I imagine most won't care at all and I imagine none will care if you make up a cool reason as to why your character's name doesn't fit with typical tribal standards. In any case, welcome to the small (actually it's pretty big) family that is Balmung! I hope you enjoy yourself here!

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First off: Welcome!!

Secondly: Not at all! While a lot of people do use lore friendly names almost the same amount don't! The people who care and don't care will vary but you really shouldn't have too much trouble at all getting Rp. Like Garza said, make up a cool reason. 


Maybe they changed it to make it easier to non Miqo'te to say, etc.



Welcome to the family! We have our ups and downs but we're like duct tape, we stick together.

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Let go of the worries, the name is fine.


What we like is colour, character, a story and interaction. Names come waaaaay down the list. In fact, it in itself is a topic for conversation.

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