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Repurposing my main as an RP character


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Hey guys. Kinda new to the whole RP thing, and I don't currently have an active subscription but I thought I'd jump on here in preparation for my upcoming transfer to Balmung. My character's name is Lunoc, but I usually just go by Noc personally.


I've already completed quite a lot of content, up to date on the MSQ and whatnot. I always wanted to RP as my character but I never really had the chance on Ultros. I don't really have much set in stone for Lunoc as an rp character, aside from some very basic backstory that includes a less-central role in the canon ARR/HW storyline. I plan to be somewhat casual and lighthearted but serious in my RP, working my goal of gradually advancing in all the various professions into my IC motivations. I love this game a lot and I want to get more immersed in the world of it, y'know?


I am a little bit worried that my character's rather un-Lalafell name would be accepted, but I'm hoping to be able to handwave it as being from a weird mixed/adopted family. I'm still working out the kinks. 


Anyway, uh. Hi. Thanks for having me. Hope to see some of you around in a few weeks in-world. Sorry if this got a bit too wordy.

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Hello there! It looks like you've got some clear goals in mind for your lalafell, so you've already got a huge advantage compared to most folks starting out. Non-conventional names aren't that big of a deal in the scope of things: If you're going with an adventurer background anyway you're free to take on whatever cool alias you like. Maybe it's a family name, maybe it's just the name of someone from stories he liked as a kid, maybe it's a secret cipher that actually reveals the location of someone's buried treasure. You do you, and most people won't mind!


Let us know when you land on Balmung! The server's pretty much chock full of events and RP these days.

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Hello and Welcome! Warren seemed to have beat me to it, so to prevent from retyping everything he just said, just don't worry too much. Balmung is a very open place and have a non-conventional name isn't the end of the world.


If you ave any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. ^.^

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Sounds great, don't worry about names lalafell cuteness will blind everyone :)


Be a little loose with your story and you can adapt to fit in as the RP flows. The concept sounds good, and I like light hearted characters more than the dark moody types.

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