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FFXIV x Yo-Kai Watch is happening

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Remember people that this is done in appreciation of another's work, hence it's a collaboration. Sure it doesn't fit that well on the aesthetic area, but we're had DragonQuest and soon getting PSO2 which are both collaborations and both lacking a similar visual feel as FFXIV. 


I for one am interested in what the obtaining method is, as Yoshida did say in the live letter that the weapons will be more difficult to obtain than the minions. Not heard much on the mount. It's also supposedly coming this summer, which is very near, so let's see how this turns out!

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I'm not surprised. President Hino, CEO and President of Level-5 (Developer and Publisher of Youkai Watch) has been to FATEs and has joined in gameplay before. (if i remember correctly he plays a lalafell with all classes/jobs max one of the times he appeared).


Hell one of the fates had him bring artwork of the Youkai Watch characters in Ironworks gear with a Lion+* mount. Actually, if I remember correctly some of the minions were datamined awhile ago.

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It's more of a eh, don't care from me for both PSO2 and YKW. (though PSO2 is more hilarious because it'll be the first time PSO2 is present in the West when it comes here). It's cool that it's happening, just not my jam.

I mean, I lost my shit over the DQX event because I am a DQ fan, even though all we got was earrings, an outright hideous helmet, the Thug Helmet and the Brickman minion.

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I don't know anything about Yo-Kai Watch other than its malignant ear-infesting Yo-kai Taisou song that apparently all the kiddies know, but I'm hype as all get out for that ghostie mount.

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