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Roleplay on the EU servers. Does it exist?

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After having zero luck getting onto Balmung I've decided to just settle on a EU server (probably Odin) due to my timezone and MS issues. And of course having zero luck getting onto Balmung haha.


Is there any RP on Odin or other EU servers?

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Getting onto Balmung is impossible at this point, but for transferring to it. There are some EU communities out there, but as a fellow EU player I can tell that moving to Balmung is still the best thing to do if you enjoy roleplaying above all; not that I wish to discourage you, or hold back the growth of EU servers with RPers on them, but eh, it is sadly enough the truth. If there was a legit EU server with the amount of folk Balmung has, I would have gone there myself!

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I am 99.99% sure that creating a character on Balmung has been removed from the game for good at this point (Unless they somehow expand the 'population' of servers which isn't likely)

and the only method is through transfering.


so on top of the purchase of the game plus monthly fee, you need to pay like $14 US extra to get into the super exclusive RP community....


now that i think about it...Balmung should not be considered a legacy server anymore but a 'Premium' server lol

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I've seen groups come and go on the EU servers, there was one on Cerberus that I dabbled in before I decided to transfer to Balmung. Just the amount of serious roleplayers here convinced me to pay the £12+ to do so. There's also plenty of EU players already here and NA players that are early risers. 


Have a look at the Linkshell hall though and see who's knocking about on what server. These groups will be small and therefore not have a lot of variety that is offered on Balmung, but at least you can play the game with others in the same timezone. As someome who's roleplayed on an EU server and Balmung, I'll always pick Balmung.

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If you're feeling adventurous and want to start something new, well, I'm trying to start something new up on the Phoenix EU server. Still gathering people, but I hope to create a Linkshell with the backstory of a few remaining Crystal Braves. Check out my post: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=16033

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