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Travelling merchant seeks clients and adventure!

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Heya folks! I'm a long time Final Fantasy XIV player, dating back all the way to the dark ages of 1.0, and I'm looking to make some contacts among the RP community and possibly find some longer term partner to hang out with. So read on, and see if anything interests you!


About Myself:

  • My character is not level capped yet, so if that's a dealbreaker I'm sorry. =/
  • My playtimes are somewhat erratic right now due to a hectic work schedule, but I tend to play mostly from early morning to late afternoon EST, and then again late late late (think midnight-4AM) if I've got a good RP to look forward to.
  • I'd like to be able to get along and be friends out-of-character with any prospective longer term RP partner. I find it difficult to immerse myself in an RP story when I can't joke around OOC or just chat about random stuff on the side.
  • I love RP, but sometimes I just feel like kicking back and playing the game on my main who I do not RP on. I may not be the best fit if any time we're both online is expected to be 100% RP. Sometimes just doing our own thing while chatting via tells/whatever is just as fun!

My Character!:


X'vaan Tia:


A Seeker of the Sun who has all but forsaken his tribe, after an arduous journey to Ul'dah from his former home deep in the Sagolii he now makes his way as a roaming trader. Having been the liaison for his people to any outside merchants, he managed to pick up some skills when it came to bartering and managing coin (something altogether foreign among his people), and once he arrived on the hard streets of Ul'dah these skills were all that kept him from becoming another homeless beggar.


Looking to be nearing middle age, he comes off as jovial (almost to a fault) to most people and is generally interested in learning about the people he encounters in his travels, even if they're less interested in having him involved. He wears practical light clothes more often than not after spending the better part of his life in the oppressive heat of Thanalan, and generally keeps his chestnut hair cut short or tied up.


He values freedom above all else, and can sometimes come off as cocky or overly sarcastic, though for those few that get close to him he shows a more reserved and thoughtful side.


Given that he's turned his one time hobby of trading into an actual business, it wouldn't be unheard of for adventurers or other merchants to see flyers posted in the major cities advertising his services as a trader and transporter, both for goods and people.


In Closing!:


Just a couple quick things! I do have other characters so if you think we'd get along as RPers but X'vaan himself doesn't interest you much I'd be happy to talk more about some other arrangement. I'm also interested in RP both in-game -and via Skype or some other messenger. I've found that the sort of RP that X'vaan tends to have going most often (being on the road with a wagon that's hard to RP around in-game) almost works better via messenger, but I'm more than happy to do either or both!


All that being said, I hope to hear from some interested folk! I'm a long time RPer but I find myself a bit on the shy side when it comes to actually diving in, even with a character who's so outspoken people either seem to love him or hate him. I'm hoping this helps bring me out of my shell. Thanks for reading!

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Hey there! X'vaan sounds interesting, and I'd love to RP with you sometime! I tend to be awake and in game during that midnight-4am EST window, so it shouldn't be hard to find a time, if you're interested. I have six active RP characters. Check out my sig for Solenne's wiki and a link to my tumblr, where my alts' profiles are.

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What a lovely post and wiki you've made for X'vaan! Like you, I've been RPing for a while but tend to be a bit more shy when it comes to approaching someone else. Though from what I've gathered so far, you seem like an easygoing person to hang out with and your writing feels just as comfortable to read. I also keep odd hours and do enjoy my OOC banter in-between posts, but like you, I also like to run some content on the game. Especially on those days when you might need a short breather from the writing.


X'vaan seems like an interesting character and his former ties to both the Lynx and the Sagolii really does make me wonder if we might be able to come up with a scenario for our boys to meet, should you be interested! 


At present I only have one of my two characters available for RP and that's Khaz, who is native and currently in Thanalan/the Sagolii but makes frequent trips around the city of Ul'dah. He's sheltered and still very curious about the world beyond his reclusive tribe, and hasn't had much of an opportunity to meet many others outside of his familial circle. Feine is the one that's unavailable and usually a bit tougher to socialize with other characters, but both of their wikis are linked in my signature if you'd like to take a peek and see if either of them are characters you'd care to have X'vaan meet sometime!


Right now I'm doing most of my RPing on Skype or via PM here on RPC, but let me know if you have a particular preference! I definitely wish you the best of luck and hope you have fun out there!


Happy writing!

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Hello! Somewhat shy RPer here myself. And one that always enjoys a good Skype or ingame RP. There is a wiki for Naja floating around out there. Skype is naja_eloquie. In addition to Naja, I have a raen girl I have yet to fully flesh out, but would love to take a stab at RPing her more with others. :)

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I'm on UK times, mostly evenings, which may be a problem. But happy to do a sparodic conbection.


Nebula, my witch, does trade in Ul'dah either the city or some of the outlying areas. So maybe some supply and demand RP. She has strange goods and is on the lookout for similar or channels to make gil.


Also she likes stories and gossiping, in her crazy way.

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I'm not sure our times will mesh, but I would definitely like an encounter with your character. Rini loves meeting traveling merchants and trading with them. It's almost like a game to her in terms of who can come out of the deal better.


Will most certainly keep an eye out.

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