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Looking for a Knightly Themed FC!

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From my experience (And I searched for the same theme a few months ago) no.. No such thing as a knightly FC or anything remotely like it.


I hardly know every FC out there but the only dominating concepts I see is: Mercenaries/adventurers, Trading Companies, Criminals and School/Magic societies.


If there is one I have not heard of it in the almost full year I've been here on Balmung. That being said, I am EU so my searching criteria is even worse than yours, I reckon!


I hope you find something soon, and if I somehow do, I'll let you know!

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Not even an ishgardian one?


Sometimes I see the full roster in the linkshell hall and think "damn, we actually have a lot of FCs and stuff". But well, the themes are often the same though. :c

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Thinking in terms of fishermen trying to get a nice catch to stay full - that hunger being RP in this case - it makes sense that people who want to lead a guild would choose to fish with a large net rather than a small net. A larger net makes it more likely that they'll catch something and get to eat. 


So, thinking along those lines, that's why you see a lot of guilds in any MMO which have "unfocused" requirements for entry - they're mercenary groups or adventurers or whatever, because that's a wide net which could include knightly types but also doesn't inherently exclude rogue types, archers, healers, and so on. On the other hand, guilds that do start with a more narrow category of who they'll accept can often have a more cohesive story... provided that they can even find enough players to join (and whose presence and participation will be frequent enough) to make that coalesce.

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It's definitely true, but I also think that's the lazy way of doing things - no offense to anyone, generalist themes can be good too. 


Even a specific thing with strong flavour can be fleshed out enough to sweep way larger than it seems to be.

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