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Hey, there! I'm new around these parts, but so far, I'm really enjoying the game, and the RP community looks very inviting, too. (I'm on Balmung, which has been a lovely experience so far). I've been into RP for a while, especially if I can play elves. So as you may guess, I've rolled me an Elezen - a big nerdy aspiring healer who thinks he can get away with wearing big sweaters and nice dress shoes at the same time.


Not sure what else to say here. I'm from Denmark, so time-zones might be a bit wonky, though I don't usually have a problem staying up late. I draw stuff too, my favourite subject also being elves - here's a picture I drew of my character a few days ago.


If I may finish with a question; are there any RP conventions a newbie would be unaware of in this game/community? Set-in-stone fanon lore? Best time of day to find random RP? RPing in /party being preferable to RPing in /s or /em?


Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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Hi there and welcome to the RPC!


You'll find RP in both ways. There's a lot of people who like to either do walk-up RP (some will mention it in their search-info in game) and others (like me) are the type who will schedule/plan for RP to happen and then do it. Many of the people here are pretty open to both, so it's more a personal preference than any sort of requirement.


There isn't really any set in stone fanon, at least, not RPC-wide. While a sizable portion of people tend to RP things only shown/proven with the lore in the game/developer notes, it really comes down to the people you RP with, as there's a wide variety.


Most of the RP I see in Balmung uses a mix of /say and /em for various dialogue. A lot of people tend to use "quotes" for their text, although there's not type of generalized style rule.


You'll likely find the most people only around the hours Americans are awake, although we've got a sizable European population on the server as well. If you're unsure where to start looking for RP, I'd head over to the Making Connections forum. There may be someone looking for someone who just may happen to be your character! Or if you're looking for a certain someone, it should help put the word out.

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As a fellow EU player... best bet on finding RPing is at least after 00:00 (we're on the same timezones, because I happen to be Dutch!), it happens to be the time most US folk tend to log around that time. Before that you can find some, and the later it gets in the night, the easier in general.


However, there's a sizeable amount of EU rpers to be found as well. I'd suggest making a seeking out connections thread :) There's an EU focused LS as well, although the brief time I was in it, I didn't feel I exactly needed it to find RP. Although due to a shoulder injury I have the 'luxury' to play till late o'clock.


As the poster above me pointed out, most people tend to us /s "Blablabla good sir." she said. or /em tips fedora. "My lady." for IC things. Some folk use (( )) to indicate OOC talk.


That said though, in the weekends its easier to find RP. I would strongly suggest making a connections thread, and join LS(s)/FC if you feel like it :)

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