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Returning player needing RP partners.

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Hey all!


So I've recently returned back to FF14 after some months away. Finally managed to get my ass into Heavensward and almost finished the main 3.0 story there. However, there's just one little problem...


I joined FF14 originally due to a desire to RP. It's a beautiful world, full of possibilities for adventures, romance, plots and schemes. Sadly however, my attempts at walking up to others and trying to engage have been met with mixed success, with most being AFK or unresponsive, or simply entirely busy with their own scenes. I've had perhaps one night of RP so far since my return, which was quite enjoyable, but as I am quite new to the scene and don't really know anyone, getting into groups and joining ongoing RP feels quite difficult, despite trying to throw myself out there. It doesn't help that I'm generally around later in the evenings in EU times.


SO! Here I am. I've got several ideas for plot-hooks relevant to my character Aerlys Maenstadt, a wandering, adventuring lancer with no home to truly call her own. (Wiki page pending). If you're interested, please let me know on this thread, or in a PM. Or if you've got suggestions on how to get into RP/who to approach, do let me know as well! 


How to train your Chocobo

Aerlys currently does not own such a stable traveling companion (Despite having one in my mount section. Just feels cheap to handwave it away), and would like to purchase one. Looking for handlers and breeders that might be willing to sell her a chocobo for a fair price. (I'm not rich, please don't rob me)


Gearing up

While most might consider adventuring a lucrative prospect, Aerlys wanders too much, and often gives out her gold to those more in need. Yet, she still wants for some proper armaments and armor, with Allagan and Magitek technology interesting her greatly. If anyone is a crafter of such gear, or able to procure them for her for a reasonable price (Or a helping hand with something else), would love to hear from you!


Band of brothers

Adventurers need company. Lacking a Free Company entirely, a group of adventurers joining Aerlys on her travels, or inviting her to join them on their own, would be greatly appreciated, and a lovely means to kickstart RP.



That's all my current ideas for now! If you've any further questions, PM or reply in this thread and I'll try and get back to you soon as possible!

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I feel your pain :).   Having just returned myself from along break, its feeling almost arduous getting back into RP on the server.  But the rewards are worth it!


Not sure I'll be on the same time you are as I'm in the States but feel free to poke me for RP. I can usually be found on one of my three characters;

Y'rhenasi Jadel

Zalina Chanteuse

Tekari Kumokiri




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I'd like to RP with both of you. : )


Rini loves meeting new people and while I might be in a scene with someone I never mind an extra walk up and a mixed conversation.


You can see a bit about her in my wiki linked in my sig, still a wip, and if you would like to RP sometime please PM me anytime to see if I'm available or to schedule. :D


P.S. This goes for anyone by the way if they want to RP with me. I don't mind new RPers either so don't be shy. : )

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Would be happy to rp sometime!  I'm trying to get back into the swing of things myself, after having been gone for a few months, and I know how hard it can be.


Feel free to look up Leindra Keln if you ever see me on, I am nearly always up for rp of some sort or another.

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Sorry if I haven't been able to get back to any of you! RL has been a bit hectic due to constantly shifting work-schedules, as well as a desire to actual catch up on all of the content that has been released and gearing up, as I do enjoy dungeons and raiding.


I'll be trying to get in touch with those of you that replied, though the only one I can reliably see when is online would be Rini, since we're in the same linkshell. (Forgot to say hi! Sorry!)

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