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Returning to the game, looking for friends

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Hello there!


So, after playing the game for a bit around Heavensward, I ended up taking about a 2ish month break.  Life happens, the game was more a burden than it was fun, etc etc.  Just take your pick as to whatever reason.  But in the end, I was not having fun and so I quit!


Now fast forward to the present, and I have decided to re-join in the game.  I have time on my account, and trying to figure out where I left off!  Needless to say, this is a process always better done with friends.

Preferably friends that wish to rp!  And of course, friends that do not mind me asking the stray dumb question here and there.


To describe myself as a rp'er, I am nearly always IC.  I do not mind walk ups at all, and will happily rp with most everyone once.  However, just going to be utterly blunt here.  That second time, I am a bit more picky about.  I enjoy well formed posts, proper (ish, we all make mistakes) grammar and capitalization.  I tend to put out small paragraphs when in public or populated areas, while going for larger paragraphs when in more secluded areas.  I try to be polite, is all.


What am I looking for you might ask?  Rather simple!  Consistency.  Overall, above all, that is what I want in my rp and my online friends.  Not a one and done, but rp that lasts for a while.  And not the sporadic "Let's rp the rare times I am on and free" either.  But just another person that has time for another in their gaming times.  I'm not asking for every night, no.  But a couple times a week or so?  And not even asking for a set schedule!  But honestly, you know if you have a lot on your plate or not.  I just ask for you to be honest with yourself about it, and in turn?  Honest with me.


Beyond that, stories are good!  The type of stories that have you looking forward to them.  The type of stories that take our characters on an adventure!


Currently I am focusing upon two characters.


The first is a roegadyn lady and a mender by trade.  She has been through a lot, but has decided to just cast off all the crap that used to hold her back.  Taking a more positive outlook on life, she is trying her best to just start over now.  She's tall, fully female, and growing to be a bit boisterous.  Still rather reserved in comparison to many Roe's, she is slowly coming out of her shell!


The second is my little au ra lady.  Talkative, prissy, and utterly fastidious.  She is always to be found in the nicest of dresses or outfits, and does utterly hate being dirty.  Oh does she hate it.  Which is why she needs to be drug out into the world more!  She is more than content to stay with her books and research, but alas.  One must actually do things to earn money.  Perhaps someone might know a few good ways for that?



So yes, thank you for taking the time to read my advertisement!  Please feel free to send a message here with any questions, comments or ideas that you may have.  And best of luck in searching for your own rp.

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Welcome back! :D Sounds like your Auri could use a foil and your Roe a friendyfriend. In either case, I hope Steel can provide.


My playtimes are spread about between a couple of titles by my own admission, but XIV dominates my days off, which are Wednesday and Thursday. If I am in-game outside of those days, it would be extremely late, around 12:30-1am EST.


In any case, welcome back again and may your return trip be more fun than your last playthrough. <3

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Nebbs -  Hopefully to stay?  That does rather depend on the rp I find though.  I didn't leave the game due to distaste with the game, but just other things.

I haven't even made it to 60 yet, so not like any sort of "game content" is my big focus.  I level when I want, and usually just end up wandering around in the search for rp.



Steel -  Thank you for the well wishes, and I am very much hoping the same!  I'll definitely keep an eye out for you, so hopefully you don't mind random people whispering you in game.  But both a foil or a friend sound good for my characters.

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