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Hello everyone,


I've been around for quite awhile and a bit off/on until recently, when this game have become more fun for me lately and I'm wanting to be around more.


Anyways! I have a Xaela who is constantly looking for more people to be around, which can be complicated due to her past. (Mostly from being a Dotharl!) Interested in plots, general roleplay or whatever else! I just wanna meet people :bouncy:


I am usually on in game, most nights or send me PMs here. (Yul Dotharl in game).

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It would be helpful if you included some information about your character. Professions, hooks, wikis etc.

I do not have a wiki, i dont know how to use it, seeing as I've never had to design a webpage or a wiki entry before.


She was formerly an Othard native, before and after the Garleans came into to take over.

She's obviously trained to kill, but provides bodyguard services if requested, though is trained in most forms of martial combat, with very little in the department of aether/magical practices.

I dont tend to keep her in one, localized area, either, since she tends to wander, not having a true place to call "home" during her time in Eorzea.

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She's obviously trained to kill, but provides bodyguard services if requested


My character Aghurlal also takes escort/bodyguard jobs, and if he happened to be assigned to the same job as Yul, he'd definitely confront her before they began. He's usually wary or (verbally) hostile towards other xaela, at least to begin with - so while he's not likely to be that friendly to start off with, it could be interesting to see how it goes. He usually works out of Limsa, but has been known to take jobs that reach the Sultanate as well.


I understand if that's something you're not interested in, but feel free to give me a poke if you are! In-game name is Aghurlal Qar'akimusun.


Lastly, if you're interested in setting up a wiki page and just want help getting started, I can try and provide pointers. I think it's fairly user-friendly once you get your eye in.

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