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A post about hellos.


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Hello all!  After stal- err.. lurk- no wait.  Browsing the forum and wiki for the past little while I've emerged from my little corner to wave at all you fantastic folk.  I will no doubt return to my silent watching again, but now that I have an account I may pop out to add a voice here and there.



For anyone interested, or simply bored while waiting for the beta to be released, I'll jot down my little background here.



MMORPG Background



I started out with WoW.  Played from beta to Cataclysm, though I took a few breaks here and there.  I didn't start roleplaying in an MMO until just past Burning Crusade, so a couple years into the game.  Though WoW was my main, I did play quite a few others.  Vanguard, Aion, City of Villains/Heroes, LotRO, GW2, EQ2, and I'm sure I'm missing a few others.  All in all a good eight years of experience.  I hadn't tried out FFXIV 1.0, but look forward to it's release now!



RP Experience



Forum roleplay came first, largely made up of Gaia Online.  That was, at best, a learning experience.  I then evolved into the MMO scene, and haven't looked back since.  It's become such a large part of my online experience that I usually put it above anything I may do in-game.  While fast paced in-game RP is my forte, I have kept a journal for most of my characters to switch up the pace and I think tends to add more explanation and depth to their actions.



Character Ideas/Info



As I am new to the Final Fantasy 'verse, I really would love any constructive criticism or suggestions/thoughts.  I usually create my characters around my chosen race and class when first delving into a game so as to not make many mistakes, and the personality usually fills them out the most.



As you may have noticed from the name, I really love the Lalafell in this series.  I've always stuck with the small races in most games.  See Gnomes for WoW, Dwarves for LotRO, etc.  Anyway, as I haven't played any of the classes/jobs yet, this is open to change but I'm starting with a pugilist/monk.  This little monk will have a cheerful and friendly demeanor, with a religious bend to it, possibly leading to fanaticism.  To not clump this up too much, I'll post what I have in the Wiki when I can.



How did you learn about the coalition?



I ran across your Wiki when googling about FFXIV's races and then never really left.



What Kind of a Role-player are you aiming to be?  Light, Medium, or Heavy?



In one word, Medium.  To explain more concisely, I plan on role-playing as often as possible.  Within cities, out leveling, and inside dungeons if possible!  That being said, I also enjoy chatting with others out of character as well.  I think the best way to put it is that I'll be a constant potential role-player, who can jump out of OOC whenever RP comes up.



Anything from Real Life you're comfortable with sharing?



I'm a fairly open person!  My actual name's Steve, I'm 22 and live in Canada.  I work full-time, and am often online in the early to late afternoons during the weekdays and almost all the time during the weekends.



Now then, back to my corner.. :tonberry:

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Ah!  People!


Deirdre - I have done quite a bit of research by myself, but I know I'm no lore guru, so I shall ask if I do have any questions, thank you!  New Canada buddies are always welcome!


Aysun - My corner is so comfy though!  And I shall strive to post on the forums, but you shall certainly see me in-game!  I have applied, yes!  I eagerly look forward to it.


Abaigeal - *waves!*  Hello to you too!  If I get too lonely I shall come out for awkwardly honest posts and then retreat once more.


Gerik - *plays with beads* Hello to you too! Hurrah new friends!


Knave - *shares comfy blankets* Hey to you too! :3


Thank you for the welcoming posts!  It's good to be here!

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*waves from his corner*


Weffrey - Hello!  Yes, and quite friendly too!  I'll be sure to ask if I need anything, thank you!


Teveriel - Heh, thanks!  As I don't have an in-game appearance to go off of yet, I had thought this would be suitable until then.  Glad you approve!  And I am eagerly awaiting to play with the rest of you, as well!

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