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Write about your animal companions!


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The forum is a little slow today, so I thought I'd put this up before patch. 


Most characters have others that help them along, whether they be mounts, summons, or just simple pets. This thread is for describing and writing about our furry, feathered, scaled or aetherial friends. 


I'll start!


Evangeline has two stalwart companions, Mr Puggles the Chocobo, and Salisbury the Spider.


Mr Puggles:

A large chocobo with dull grey feathers, Mr Puggles was one of the only items Evangeline was able to smuggle out of Ishgard when she was first exiled. A smart and slightly grumpy bird, Mr Puggles has the thankless task of taking Evangeline anywhere that foot or airship make impractical. Evangline sometimes refers to him as her 'Minister of Transportation', but she's never managed to get him to properly fill out the paperwork. In combat she typically keeps him far away from danger, like most Ishgardian Chocobo's, he is trained for battle, but is rarely armored properly for danger.



Salisbury is a miniature giant desert tarantula that Evangeline keeps as a pet. It has a bad habit of escaping its cage and scurrying around her residence. He is cat sized, dark brown and fluffy, and typically hides in dark, cool places. When he gets scared, which is often, he tries to find something warm and soft to wrap his legs around. Unfortunately this has caused more than one unfortunate misunderstanding, as Salisbury scuttles towards someone on a dark night, looking for a hug.

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Axial the Wolf - Axial is a soft blue furred Abalathian Hoarhound Aaron had recovered from Western Highlands in Coerthas and ever since then has became something of an unofficial pet for Aaron. Axial now, after growing up a bit is around 50lbs and stands up around Aaron's knee at it's shoulders (So he's a bit bigger IC than the minion, he's not a puppy!). The wolf is generally aloof and indifferent to most things, learning habits from Aaron but is also a bit protective of Aaron despite generally not listening to the man. Axial has a bad habit of letting himself get spoiled by women, and will abandon Aaron in order to be near them on occasions.

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Amzi, the War-Chocobo: Leih's mount that belong to her adoptive brother before her, Amzi is a proud Ishgardian giant bird, towering even over most Roegadyn chocobos (I use the Draught Chocobo for Amzi). He is proud and well trained, yet also protective and prone to grumpy behavior. When it comes to Leih, he seems to be especially aggressive, constantly pecking her head at any given moment, but despite the aggression if the girl is in danger, the bird will jump to protect her and has been known to kill in order to keep his rider alive.


Tippy, the Turtle: A gift from Leih's sister figure, Mikiri. Tippy is like all turtles very easy going and calm unless she sees Leih's tail. She tends to bite it... all the time...



Ruka, the Chocobo Chick: A tiny chick Leih found alone in the desert. Since then the little baby bird is constantly with her, preferring to hide either in the Miqo'te's clothes or hair.



Leih also has a pack of pets from the Gold Saucer, but this are the main three.

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Shoshopu has some critters...


Loloran the Mandragora

Shoshopu bought some mandrake seeds from a qiqirn and one of them turned out to be a mandragora seed. Oops! She managed to talk Fyrilsunn into letting them keep it once it was grown. Eventually it sprouted a bright pink flower, much to Shoshopu's delight and no one else's. Loloran is a lot of fun to emote. Shoshopu calls Loloran a she, but outside of Shopu's dialogue I always refer to it as "it". I love describing its tuberous eyes and vegetable body parts, and because it's so top-heavy it often falls over and just bounces across the floor on its head like an apple or something. Very fun.


Popoto the Adamantoise (and others)

Popoto is the youngest adamantoise of her family's herd. She hatched the same day Shoshopu was born, in the Golden Bazaar in 1555. Shopu's family are the traditional nomad types and they live in tents affixed to the tortoises' shells! Popoto's not big enough to live on yet, but she's big enough to ride. The rest of the tortoises live in the Thanalan desert with Shopu's parents and her oldest brother.






Wannmaga the Puppy

Fyrilsunn and Merlgeim found a stray pup one day, and Merlgeim absolutely insisted that they keep her. The two of them take turns dog-sitting, which means Shopu gets to help dog-sit whenever it's Fyrilsunn's turn. She's uselessly affectionate with strangers and is constantly hungry, like a good puppy should be.



Haipiri was a small, pale, dusty-brown chocobo that Shopu acquired some time after taking up adventuring in La Noscea. He has been AWOL ever since an IC encounter with the A-Rank, Marraco, one-shot him and Shoshopu both. Shopu just barely survived the encounter but I haven't yet decided her chocobo's fate. He might have died from his injuries, or he might have fled from battle and wandered his way to the stables of Revenant's Toll, where he would still be. Shopu hasn't been to Mor Dhona since it happened over a year ago.

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Virara wasn't really sure what to make of Eorzean mounts. Initially her impression was that they were intended to be used as both a steed and a form of emergency ration.


The chocobo she bought is large and ugly, with constant shedding feathers. By appearance he looks much like an overly large crow, with a repulsive squawk that is displeasing to the ears and a lean, hungry frame. He seems to be a mutt of sorts with a patchy heritage. Virara named him Tebasaki, or chicken wing, since she intended to eat him if he proved unruly, but she is strangely tolerant of his surly and unmanageable behavior. He comes when he feels like it, no matter how much time passes between her whistling for him and when he arrives. He refuses to be hitched to fences and will always attempt to run off on his own. Tebasaki seems to be developing the ability to fly, as he was able to glide for some distance on his own without the weight of a rider in the Sea of Clouds, but rarely will he let Virara ride long enough without throwing her off to take advantage of this. Generally their interactions involve Virara being pecked or bitten by him, and it is a miracle she is durable enough to withstand his "affections."


Ever since Virara intensified her training, most wild and domesticated animals take great pains to avoid her and often lash out when she draws too close, like they can sense something wrong about her. Considering this, that Tebasaki even allows her to sit upon his back for any amount of time is remarkable. Perhaps he does like her, after all. It's difficult to say whether she is cognizant of it or not, but Virara probably does genuinely like pets; they just don't like her. She is the type of girl who, if she lived a more normal life, probably would pet the cat even if it continued to bite her.


Aside from that, any pets that fell into Virara's hands, she gave to others as she is unable to really take care of them for obvious reasons. She does, however, sometimes collect bugs and put them into jars or barrels full of moist soil, feeding them on occasion. She's imitating a form of gambling she secretly watched the Doman refugees on her island partake in, and one her Master usually lost money on. She is not disgusted by insects, and is particularly fond of large beetles, and will sometimes take them home with her secretly, letting them loose if they grow too large to keep in the same container with the others. She seems partial to ones with large horns or mandibles.

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Quint has 3

Rollo the Kitten (Reading this makes it easier)

Rollo is a black kitten that Quint had found across her time in Ul'dah. As she tried to find it a home at first, Rollo basically hissed and warded away those who would take him from Quint. It wouldn't be until Percival told her about the situation. Abandoned, Quint decided to take Rollo in after many failed attempts to get him a new home.


Rollo is playful but weird. He enjoys watching the Grindstone from afar and loves eating strawberries. Quint doesn't treat him as a pet but rather as an individual.



Piyo is a red feathered Zu that Quint had encountered in the lab where she was made. The poor bird was chained and malnourished when her and Chiyo found him. After releasing the bird instead of killing it, The Zu took off somewhere else...

About two days after, Piyo started following Quint in Corethas and nudging her to ride him. While she had no idea why Piyo acted so docile to her, Piyo saw Quint as the last remaining good of the old Xyla he once had as a master.


Quint rides Piyo with caution, knowing a Zu is dangerous but Piyo is a sweet and gentle Zu with no ill in his heart...sadly he is deadly afraid of Rollo for some reason.



A random butterfly that comes and goes with Quint. No real information is known at this time as to why or if it has a name...but it communicates with wing flaps.


(and possibly more in the future lol)

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Since Velour had begun leaving home, she travelled to Ishgard as she'd visited it twice before in the past with her mother. She didn't see much of the city, giving lead to a curiosity about the higher levels of Ishgard.


I'll tell you this much, she didn't make it far at first, haha. She happened across a starving cream coloured rat and befriended it, naming it Buscemi after a funny looking trader her mother consorted with.


Buscemi (and her journal) are her only constant companions in her newly embarked adventures across Eorzea. It's also a good pick up, having a rat to blame social interactions on xP

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