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EU Roleplayers - LF Connections

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Hello folks! This is really just a shout out to the EU roleplayers on Balmung for me to get connected with. I have met some absolutely lovely people from the more PST/EST? Timezones but unfortunately have a hard time catching up with them as much as i'd like to or vice versa which is sad. :(


I'm apart of the Europa linkshell and love walk-ups but I figured a more interest-check type advert here would be my best bet.

I am currently in BST(British Summer Time)/GMT+01 and tend to be online in the evenings for roleplay and sometimes i'll be up later than I should... 1am/2pm pushing it! x] ..maybe even 3 :U


Feel free to check out my incomplete Wiki for a brief glance of my character if you like and... yeah! Just PM me here or in-game when you get the chance. :)


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Having just drooled over your wiki for Tira, and seeing she is bubbly it would be un I think. Very much  a breath of fresh air to all the tortured souls out there.

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