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Hello! A new explorer just reached Eorzea.


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Hi there! I transferred to Balmung a couple of days ago! Honestly I was hoping to get to a livelier server and perhaps with some RP in it. Midgard is very less dense than Balmung, that's for sure, which is nice gameplay-wise and for the ambient it gives when you are out there in the field or cities!


My character's name is Arzilia Rausten. She, RP-wise, is a huge WIP. I've been a writer and RPer since I was 12 and gamer for my whole life, but I've never actually RPed in an MMORPG before. That's why I think I'm gonna start slow and steady being kind of a light and/or medium RPer while I learn the stuff and the lore, considering I've been in FFXIV for a week at most!


So about Arzilia right now I can only say she's an explorer from another land, coming to Eorzea to know more about the world and make herself some fame and glory. She's a very peculiar lady, (considering she'll grow as I make friends and learn more) who rarely talks firmly about her past. But she is very kind, friendly and does her best to help the people in need and those around her. She's also quite a flirt with other ladies and likes to tease; she can have a playful personality if you leave a good impression.

Her works as a mercenary and monster hunter are already beginning to create rumors amidst the city estates but so far she is considered a sweeping blonde gale, you may never know where to find her next! Young and restless, she strives still to become a dragoon while adoring to use the sword and her own body as weapons. If you see her at a bar, make most of the opportunity or she'll fly away with the next breeze.


I'm thinking Arzilia could use some friends from here, so I hope you all get to like her, as she develops ^^

Also, correct me if I'm wrong but so far I think the wiki is the only place to make a character sheet right? I may need to work on that soon!


You may want to know about my experience with MMOs. I'm lacking in that area. I've play a bit of Tera, Blade and Soul and Black Desert but I've become addicted to ARR since the moment I started playing it. So I know my way around games but if MMOs have some etiquette or some customs, please do tell me where I can improve! I'm gonna do my homework too and try to read the FAQs and guides too!


Well, I think I've made this introduction a bit longer than it should be! Please, I'd like to know some people so don't hesitate if you want to send me a PM or talk. I hope to see you around! :D

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Will sure try my best.

Hey there! I hope Balmung has been treating you well so far... I'm Scaith, and if you ever have questions, wanna RP, or just chit chat, send me a PM! I love talking to folks

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