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I have a char who has just started as a rogue and I was wondering if there was anything like an established Thieves' Guild (or player run part of the Rogues' Guild) or something similar or really any IC connections for those on the shady side of the law.


As she has only just started I'd also be interested in anyone who wanted to maybe mentor her.


If anyone is interested/knows of anything then please let me know, either here or in PM if you don't want to advertise that you have shady connections. xD

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I've been looking for something like this since I started playing on Balmung.


There's these guys, but they added some extra rules that don't suit my character - they might suit yours, though! Definitely check them out if you think you're interested.


Let me know if you come across anything else pre-organised that I haven't heard about, since I'm still very interested in finding some connections that suit him.


Or feel free to just hit me up anyway on a 1-on-1 basis. Aghurlal is very experienced in combat, including usage of shortblades, but relatively new to the Sisters (he's been with them for maybe about a year, I'd say?) - so it sounds like he might be paired with your character to guide her on the combat side of things, if that's something you're interested in. Or they could just be assigned a job together - since, while he's proven his worth to a certain degree, he doesn't have a rank or anything; it's not totally out of the question that he'd be working alongside newbies.


My in-game name is Aghurlal Qar'akimusun, feel free to send me a tell any time (:

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Rynathan Elurhandir of Balmung server was an active Rogue back before I stepped away from the game. Plan on reintegrating him with the Sisters this weekend, though that Hands of the Edelweiss seems intriguing too.  Ryn definitely could use a friendly Rogue or two in his corner.


Not sure if he'd be the best mentor, since he took a leave of absence from the Rogues, but I can see it being a fun time. Send me a message if you want to plan something!

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I should be getting more time to log in after this weekend. Nef's been a rogue since I started FFXIV and I just love the whole concept of the Rogues in FFXIV since it's more of a black ops corp than thieves. They might sneak around and steal stuff but it's only in pursuit of those who have broken the Code. That whole "we steal things back to give it to whom it rightfully belongs to" is fun as well and goes along with Nef's personal 'tracking' business.

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It should be noted that borne of this thread Zephyo started an in-character Rogues' linkshell; me, them, and Charity can all invite to it, so let us know if you're interested :D


I'll be trying to persuade Zephyo into posting a LS hall entry, but 'til then you can just hit us up.


I know I've been posting this everywhere I'm just excited okay

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Hello! I've also been interested in a rogue's linkshell for some time, and my character Cohno'ra Vukoja is a lowlife Pearl Lane resident and an independent rogue who could really use more connections! Feel free to contact me here or in game! And I'd love an invite to that LS!

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I feel like I should clarify - linkshell-wise, we're referring to Capital-R Rogues, as in, these guys, who are a Limsa Lominsa sort-of-law-enforcement-if-you-use-a-really-loose-definition-of-both-law-and-enforcement organisation.


If that still suits you though, feel free to whisper me in-game! I should be on all night tonight - ign Aghurlal Qar'akimusun.

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