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Host Club | Rendezvous | June Opening!

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[align=center]Sometimes in the Forgotten Knight, or the Seventh Heaven, he's even found as far as Idyllshire or Tailfeather. He was dressed in uniform with a mask upon his face. The fliers are currant purple with the delicate writing upon as always. As you approach the masked Miqo'te gives you a curt, polite bow.[/align]


[align=center]"What is this I am handing out? Flyers for the Rendezvous Host Club. Who am I? I am known there as Cagnazzo." There is a moment as you take this in, "This flier will introduce you to our home. It outlines the times we are open for the public, the profiles of our hosts, and the ways they may serve you."[/align]


[align=center]His lips twist up in a smile, though his eyes remain hidden from view, "We have quite a variety of hosts and hostesses available, you see. It is a first come first serve process so we do ask that you line up in an orderly fashion. The door fee is a thousand gil, but that covers your host's time, property upkeep, as well as your meal. Also, before you ask, no this is not a brothel. This is an establishment for those who wish to have a fine meal with friendly companionship with a person who has no designs nor desires upon you, your business or your life."[/align]


[align=center]"We do encourage a strong degree of privacy. What is said between host and client is strictly confidential, and like you, we wish to maintain our own personal lives as well. So if you want, take a flyer and come see how this all works. If you have further questions I am happy to answer them, or you can ask the doorman when you visit."[/align]


[align=center]With no futher questions Cagnazzo goes back to handing out flyers, actively engaging and conversing with any who approach.[/align]






[align=center]------------------OoC Info------------------[/align]


[align=center]We're happy and excited to announce latest Host Club opening! We will be hosting Sunday, June 26th at 3:00 PM CST / 4:00 PM EST! The entrance fee is 1,000 gil, and will be collected at the door. [/align]


[align=center]The location is Ward 8, Plot 13, (in the Goblet) and Hosts and Hostesses will be selected at a first come, first serve basis. (In other words, if the Host or Hostess you want has already been selected, then you will have to choose another, or depart until next time. The person who arrives first will get the first selection, and so on until all Hosts and Hostesses are spoken for.) [/align]


[align=center]*Note: To avoid confusion, please line up on the lawn in the order of arrival when first entering the grounds.[/align]


[align=center]Here is the menu that the Host Club offers! [/align]


[align=center]Here is a look at the dossiers that are posted outside of the Club! (Note: Not all employees may be present on the day of the opening, depending on schedules. Feel free to ask the person at the door if a particular Host or Hostess is available, if you have a particular one in mind. Rest assured though - all of our Hosts and Hostesses have their own unique merits and advantages!)[/align]



[align=center]As always, please let me know if there are any questions! Here's looking forward to another fun event! Be there or be a sad cactaur who misses Host Club! :cactuar:[/align]

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Come to the host club! Pick a personable dork to talk with! Order fancy things! Give us opportunities to improve our RP skills by trying to write food porn that sounds as good as the menu pictures look!



I'm not quite there yet, but gosh darnit I TRY when I get a good chance!


So come to the Host Club and have fun with RP!


oh god i need onion soup now

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Thank you, Arby! And yes, I've wanted to try many-a thing on our menu, very often. x___x;;


Although I have to say, I think the most visually appealing is the Corrupted Crystal Creme Brulee...






But yes! We're open this weekend! Come chat with a Host and dine with ussss~ :moogle:

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Host Club is in a little less than 3 hours! Woot woot!


PROTIP: Remember to try and arrive on time (or even a little early), so that we can be sure to pair you up with a Host before they're all spoken for! :cactuar:

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