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Moore Roleplay for Me (Questions Inside)

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Hello everyone! Name and IGN are both Reiss Moore (makes it easy, right?). My character, Reiss Moore, was recently created on the Zalera server. However, after searching a few hours for Zalera Roleplay, I realized that a majority of roleplay seems to take place in Balmung. As a result, I've decided to switch to Balmung, once my character has aged three days. Unless, are there any Zalera Roleplayers out there?


Now onto my primary question. Regarding the Balmung server, does it suffer frequent lag spikes (unsure if this is the correct term) due to its high population? I've not had any lag problems on Zalera, so I hope Balmung doesn't have severe lag issues. I'm fine with some lag, but I don't want to limit my ability to do other content on Balmung.


Since questions are out of the way, it's time to discuss my previous roleplay experiences. I've roleplayed for around six years on a few MMORPGs: Guild Wars 2 (1 and a half years), Mabinogi (4 years), and Tera (half a year). I tried to roleplay on forums related to the aforementioned mmorpgs, but I get the most enjoyment roleplaying with in-game visuals. Hence why I started playing FFXIV due to its beautiful visuals.


Lastly, I enjoy the FF franchise, and in particular, FFVI. "Oh Maria..."

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Lag spikes ... not really


Only thing I have seen is difficulties entering houses, and it taking several attempts.


I play from the UK and aside from endgame hard core elites the lag is fine for PvE.

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Balmung and Zalera happen to be on the same data center and cluster, so usually if one is having network issues, the other is too.


Occasionally on big patches or expansions, Balmung will get so full that certain maps will become full and lock people out. SE's kinda learned from this and will open another instance of the zone, although you cannot pick which one you get into and it may split parties up. (They'll always announce beforehand or make a maintenance notice when this happens).


Depending on your computer, you may need to turn down graphics settings and/or effects if you notice your frames per second dropping from the large amounts of players though. (FATEs have been known to crash PS3s when it's a popular/event one).

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@Nebbs, thanks for your response. I'm glad there isn't any massive problems with the Balmung server.


@Unarmed Mercenary, I appreciate your response and research on SE. I did not even know they had a solution for full maps.


I will definitely transfer to the Balmung Server, since I had no luck finding other Zalera Roleplayers.

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