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Soul Crystal/Soul Stone Lore

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How do they work exactly? Are they like the dresspheres of FFX-2, where Yuna and her friends can access the memories and use the abilities when attached to some sort of device (I.E. Sphere Grid)?


Could it be possible that after obtaining or holding on to the Soul Crystal the wielder can start having flashs of the memories, like again in FFX-2 when Yuna starts to see Lenne's memories arising within her dreams or what not? OR maybe have some of the former holders come and speak to our characters in the dreams?


Also, can they be mistaken for a regular gemstone and be made to fit an accessory?


I really want to understand what these crystals are and how they affect our characters.


Thank you, everyone.

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As far as I can tell, yes to all.


I don't know the past FF references (my only FF game was the original Crystal Chronicles for GameCube...), but:


  • Soul Crystals are used in training people in Jobs because they make the learning process faster. Every time you gain a new ability during 30-50 job quests, there's a flavour text describing how the ability was revealed to you by the stone.
  • In several of the 30-50 job quests, you are granted visions of the Crystal's previous wielder; and, sometimes, that vision can speak. This may be in part due to a manifestation of the Echo (remember that all of the canonical quests are presented in the context of the player being an Echo user), but off the top of my head, I can think of the DRG 50, SCH 50, and some of the WHM 30-50 quests that do this.
  • Additionally, I believe that several Soul Crystals have canonically been mistaken for regular gems, or fitted into artefacts. BLM and PLD sprung to mind.


I'm sure someone else can come in with a loredump and proper citations for most of this, but that's what I got off the top of my head. :3

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