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Hey good people of Hydaelyn,


My name is Ka and I have been rp'ing on and off since the olden days of WoW. I've now fully moved into FF and finally made an account on here. I'm on most of the time everyday and I live for RP! I have joined an rp guild but am ALWAYS looking for more friends and perhaps that special someone:love: I will admit I am not too good on the full lore of FF but I get by anyway I'll post a few things about my character for you guys. 



Name: Ka'ha Sola

Gender: Male

Race: Miqo'te

Age:20 (21 in a few months)

Relationship Status: Single

Server: Balmung


Occupation: Former soldier of the Malestrom

Main Class: Dark Knight


Misc: Shy, introverted, a bit of a loner (I know sounds like total edgelord but its how I roll.)

Values and holds soldiers in the highest respect. 


Current home: Mist 

Frequents the quicksand as well as areas of La Noscea. 


Traits: VERY LOYAL (Can be tricky to befriend but if you do he will stand by you until the very end.), sometimes likes to be the hero but never boasts about himself. Can be a bit cocky in the face of impossible odds. 8-)


Hope this helps give you a better understanding about Ka and I hope to hear back from some of you. If you do feel like we can RP together seek me out or message me on here if you have any questions. I look forward to getting to know you all and can't wait to go on some amazing adventures! 


Best wishes 



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Welcome and it looks like you are already on your way to RP. If you have not done so already put something in your character note about looking for RP.

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Hello! You are welcome to contact me in game : Farrell Feidliming. I am also looking for more connections. 


Both our caracther lives in the Mist right now, so it's a start, but I'll let the RP show you a bit more who's my toon if it'S okay for you.

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Welcome to Balmung.


I am kind of getting back into the swing of things myself, anxiety has been getting bad with strangers, but trying to push past it xD


I have several different characters to choose from, granted two are still in a leveling phase.


Ritsu Knoltros (Wildwood Elezen) is who I am on the most. She is a very quiet, polite archer and tends to be very no nonsense type. Runs the Wandering Tonberry with her husband Flynt Knoltros.


Chidori Farcloud (Raen Au ra) my second most on character. She is kind hearted girl, clumsy healer, always willing to help. Very naive and her speak pattern is a bit strange.  (At least for now - I hope she grows out of it >.>; I tend to make my characters but they kind of go in the direction that flows best. How she started before I rp'ed her was a bit different xD)


Umiko Tetsumi (Seeker Miqo) Gun toting, full of sass miqo. Her backstory have to be altered as the plot it was for fell thru, so still semi in the works. Often can be seen with her childhood friend Rei.


My two others that are not 60 yet:


Mokuren Eldrid (midlander hyur) Former con-artist, now manager at the Mad Moogle Inn & Tavern. Tends to be a little abrasive. Goes by Ren. She is just a civilian by trade.


Riza Daernith (Dusk Elezen) My villain character. Merc, disagreeable, was VERY evil - but now that is starting to mellow out, however she still will do whatever as long as it is in her best interests. (I switched around toons, so I would at least like to get her to 30 lancer before I pull her back out into the fray. For whatever reason decided to level WHM on her first just because I can fly by content wise on that >.>)


Granted anyone with & are RP'ers. Some characters are not the most agreeable however. xD

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