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Exploring the Tower of Varthamith (Starting)

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[align=center][i am your DM for this thread and I hope you will enjoy this interaction. Any and all wishing to join send a PM with the character you will attend and the 'company' they would work for. If you opt to have no Grand Company and instead use your own company, by all means.[/align]

[align=center]side Note: Items found/obtained here I will allow your character to own if you so wish. so this can carry over if you so wish.][/align]


[align=center](Timeline: before patch 2.3)[/align]



[align=center]A tower north of the Steel Vigil was made visible by a group of adventurers. The Three Companies issued a call to ensure the tower is cleared of all abnormal oddities before the Au Ra named Quint seals it off for good. This is a perfect opportunity to learn, loot and understand more about this location.[/align]



[align=center]The Entrance to the tower is left wide open. The Main room didn't have much in the way of interesting items but instead a few entrances. The low glow of the crystals on the wall spell it out for [/align]


[align=center]#: One large door to the east was covered in dried blood and cracked. The trail of dried blood indicated bodies were dragged in here. The smell was potent enough to that of a morgue but also chemicals of the Alchemist guild by five folds.[/align]


[align=center]#: Another entrance had two doors and was labeled as the 'Ever-Expanding Library'. If the name was not clear enough, it was a Library.[/align]


[align=center]#: One spiral staircase in the center that seemed to go up for a good while....but to where? Seems dangerous.[/align]


[align=center]#: One last door to the north that has a normal door but it is locked by a layer of magic. Only one studying the way of Black Magic can remove it and open what lies behind it. [/align]


[align=center]These four options were laid out before the group...and beyond these options? Treasure maybe. knowledge....Threats. Maybe something horrible. To which they chose first is up to them.[/align]


[align=center][The Team]

1. Aurora a Black Mage of the Immortal Flames.[/align]

[align=center]2. TBD[/align]

[align=center]3. Evangeline Primrose, adventurer of the Night Ravens[/align]

[align=center]4. Simeon Sibaruse, a traveling Elezen[/align]

[align=center]5. Julienoix Clement an archer Elezen[/align]

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[align=center]Within the Lobby, the few selected officers from the Grand Companies overlook and secure the main floor. Among them, an Au Ra woman of dark features and wearing Ironwork armor was among them. With a specially made piece of eyewear, she was hard at work creating a safe location in the hub. 

She was in charge for the time with keeping things in check while a team explored on ahead. Her name is Quint.[/align]


[align=center]"I will help maintain the central hall. Feel free to explore if you wish...but beware. There may be a few straggling entities I have yet to purge myself. No telling what was left behind..." she spoke in a monotone and slight artificial way.[/align]


[align=center]The options before them were laid before the small group. It was up to them to decide where to check first...but the energies emanating from the spiral staircase in the center was foreboding and chilling.[/align]


[align=center]Quint's Recommendation: [/align]

[align=center]"It's too early to check the throne room above. Try the Library or the Laboratory-that is if you can resist the smell."[/align]

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Evangeline is an Elezen, short for her race. Her hair is a raven black, and she is glad in tight linen and leather. Numerous satchels and pouches hang off her lanky frame, and a sword of strange design hangs at her hip.

She runs her finger over a dust covered sign, "The Ever Expanding Library... a bold claim for an abandoned ruin. I fear no one has added an additional volume in some time."


Nodding at the Lalafell woman, she approaches the doors, "I suppose that is a good to place to start as any, knowledge is often a better treasure than any worldly good."


She runs her hands lightly over the doors, looking for any obvious traps, before attempting to open them. 


-Grunt- She pushes on the double doors, "I'm Evangeline, by the way. My friends call me the Empress of Garlemald though."

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The Lalafell, was awestruck by the wonders the Library may hold. Were she not aware of the possibility of bobby traps hidden in this tower, she would had immediately rushed into the library. After a few moments she gasped.


"I'm so sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name's Aurora Aura." She went towards Evangeline an took out her scepter. Being a little excited by the knowledge contained by these tomes.

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[align=center]With both doors opened carefully, an influx of smells came forth. Paper, glue, ink. If it wasn't the normal smell of a library, then who knows what?


The Library itself is by no means anywhere close to the Great Gubal Library, but the fact that the ceiling was indeed expansive and high up left for a lot of the walls to be stacked with books. Individual cylinder towers also held said books with some requiring narrow pathways to reach the upper levels. If the walls were not covered then spaces were. Even what would be flat stone for staircases were also small nooks for the tomes to rest inside. It wasn't so much a maze as it was a 'jungle' to explore of knowledge. Though some are known, there were a few selected few that not many may lay their eyes on.[/align]


[align=center]But it wasn't all silent. Among the books roamed some Elezen women. Black hair, white complexion and looking fairly busy..and they all look identical. Some were moving stacks of books. Others only a few. Some were just busy inspecting and double checking. A library this size did look to benefit from more bodies.


Before the group from the entrance, small odd stains trailed on the floor. It had since been dried but the odd coloration could point to the use of some kind of chemicals. The trail itself led to a corner of the Library that had some more space.



Just as they enter, one of the odd Elezens noticed the group and fled. hiding among the shelves. Leaving the books on the floor. Were they shy? Scared? Or perhaps plotting something? [/align]

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Evangeline nods at the woman, "Err... pay it not need Comrade Aurora. We all can get excited."


She enters with the Lalafell, eyes widening at the strange assortment of pale women darting around the library.


"Something tells me they are not members of the advance party..." Evangeline adjusts her outfit, smoothing out the wrinkles and adopting a dramatic pose, "Greetings, eminent Librarians. I am Evangeline of house Primrose. Lover of dragons, Killer of gods, breaker of chains and mother of empires. I have supped with demons and slept with saints. I have tread paths other fear, and know secrets that would drive most mad..." 


She gives a deep bow, "And I would be honored if you would allow my Comrade and I to use your library for a time." Despite the ridiculousness of some of her claims, the Elezen does not seem to be embarrassed.

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[align=center]With their words echoing through the halls, it seemed to bring their heads out for a moment. Eyeing them from anywhere they could from safety. Each one had no difference. They all looked so alike. Yet after a long silence, one of them finally spoke from somewhere.[/align]


[align=center]"The Ever-Expanding Library is a safe haven for the knowledge left behind by the late Xyla Quintessence. To explore the sea of paper and stone is to find what should not be unearthed. You are permitted under the current owner, Doll Number Four Zero One...but we will only warn you once."[/align]


[align=center]Soon enough the small group of Elezens emerged from various areas again in a cautionary stance. Keeping an eye on the group as if unable to trust them. [/align]


[align=center]"You are not allowed to touch any Tomestones. Now then...The Library's organization starts from the letter A to the Letter Z and from there, the Number Zero to Nine. Exceptions of organization are books, tomes, scrolls and so on starting with the word A or The. In which case it is ignored in favor of the second word for proper organization. The sections of the library are as follow...Northern wall and area is Tradeskills, crafts and entertainment. South, which we are at, is history and myths. East is the spells, hexes, remedies and Aetherial context works. West houses the 'Curator's' station and casual reading. Like Fantasy novels or books unable to be categorized."


The way she spoke sounded more and more like the Au ra from earlier. Yet they were not like her at all. They felt more like Mammets with more human like features. Those that had dropped their work resumed their duty in re-organizing the books and locations. 



With the information, it is clear that whomever owned this library was more than willing to keep things in proper order. 

The group can advance further and head to the North, East or West or stay in the South block and learn on some history.[/align]


[align=center]From the corner of their eyes, a stack of books were left before a shelf with the top book title being 'Anatomy and Workings of Aetherial Beings'.[/align]


[align=center]Another tome by one of the staircases is titled 'Sixth Astral Era: Years 1~1470'[/align]



[align=center]And as it so happens, one of the Elezen women were busy taking out some books, replacing and re-organizing them. Perhaps Asking For Information may help as well?


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Simeon finally grunted, after staying silent for so long since people started to explore that place. The tall prick clad in dark armour couldn't help himself. Those people way of talking like automatons was already getting on his nerves even if the grand -Library- was a rather interesting sight


So many tomes around must have some interesting knowledge after all and if they were allowed to roam around... Enough temptation to get him outside of his silent reserve as he followed the party so far with stern vigilance.


"Excuse me? If we are allowed wander around, could you actually give some direction? Would you have anything like records of songs of old?"


Rather a mundane interest not really fitting with the rugged appearance of the elezen fighter, but well, why not after all? They were here to explore. And see if those -automatons- were to be of any help regarding inquiries.


He didn't bother about making his name known of his current companions though, having simply followed in silence so far the group. Mingling with people wasn't really his thing on a job without a good reason.

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[align=center]The Elezen turned to look at Simeon. "Songs of Old? One moment..." and then she just stopped. Her eyes vacant and staring off in one direction. Her mind seemed possessed but after a while she moved again.


"Your request to find Songs of Old. Record of Musical sheets and compositions have been collected among the North Wall. Sadly due to unforeseen accidents, any music made before the Six Umbral Era have been lost to what is recorded as 'The Great Flood'. If you were looking for instructions how to play Music, please seek a proper minstrel for lessons. However, you are free to look at the tomes that talk about the instruments in more detail, upkeep and so on."[/align]


[align=center]The elezen then returned to picking her books up nice and gently but then she straightened her posture as if remembering something.


"My Mistake...One of the others has confirmed that there is ONE song that dates back to the Fifth Astral Era. Shortly before the War of the Magi. Created by Xyla Quintessence. She called it 'Turning Heaven's Wheel'. It requires...Five Instrument and one Vocalist. Female. Would you like a copy? Copying process takes upwards of three hours to complete down the last detail."[/align]

[align=center]The Elezen bowed politely as if wishing to be forgiven for a mistake and error.



A sudden noise echoed like gears and steam. Coming from the West Section. The sound of loud metal hitting marble announced the arrival of something that was sleeping...And just before the group, a large Dullard inspired device barely poked it's head out above the bookshelf tops. It passed by the group without noticing them with it's destination to the East Section of the library. The same Elezen that was asked decided to announce to them:


"Do not worry about The Curator. So long as you do not damage or harm the tomes, it sees no reason to enforce punishment and death."


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Another Elezen by the name of Julienoix Clement, wielding a bow and lance, would be quietly observing along with the other adventurers as they explore the Tower. The Elezen would have a gentle smile as he took some of the tomes for him to read, reading the one called 'Sixth Astral Era: Years 1~1470', as he then saw the Curator go to the East block of the Library as he asked to those nearby in general, "Are we allowed to receive these tomes for our personal desire for knowledge, or will the Curator answer to that as well?"

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While everyone was busy exploring, Aurora noticed a book labeled "War of the Magi" below the book Julienox took. She read a page and noticed that the tome was a small chronicle of the eponymous war between the civilizations of Amdapor, Nym and Mhach. Her interest piqued she took the book and spurred by Julienoix's question, asked "In addition, Are there any other books like this? Books about the history of civilizations like Allag, Gelmorra or Bella'dia?"

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"Aye, I'd take a copy if possible." Simeon offered a formal bow to the -librarian- if one could call such a thing like that, rather unsettled by this sort of telepathic mind ability. Surely something in regard looking like dolls.


Glancing over the said Curator, he quirked a brow, silently thanking Halone that one wasn't to crush them on the spot. Ever tried fought an automaton with a spear? That's just bullshitly hard.


But well, as the elezen librarian offered him the required answer, he jumped ship to the subject more at hand. "Speaking of history, is there any document here regarding this tower? Journals or such? Even, if you have, some sort of a plan?"


After all, they were here to explore, not really to indulge in their personal interest for days. Though that was needless to say, he do planned to take a walk to the North Wall and glance upon the songs recorded here.

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[align=center]The book that talked about the Sixth Astral Era and ended right after the defeat of Ala Mhigan. It was a typical book...[/align]


[align=center]The Elezen helping them seemed content with answering questions to them. With the influx, one would think it is needless stress but they were 'trained' for such mass questions.


"Taking tomes is prohibited in your time here. Copies can be made at your request but depending on the length, it can take anywhere from a couple hours to a year or two. We do apologize for any inconveniences but original copies stay here." she bowed and turned to the next question.


"History regarding Gelmorra and Bella'dia are more likely to be held in the Great Gubal Library. Even our creator can have missing books. As for Allag..." she went quiet for a moment before a second came around to help her. The two looked so identical that it was impossible to distinguish the two. "All Allag information has been stored on Tomestones and as such are prohibited from public eyes. You will need Special Permission from Doll Four Zero One in order to even see what they hold. Granted..."[/align]

[align=center]The first one then finished.

"Most of the Allag Tomestones on file are mere journal entries that were salvaged from old sites and laboratories. We have deemed them worthless in terms of actual information but for the sake of understanding their way of life, they were put into storage."


And just as she finished, the question about the history of the tower soon rallied a group of the Elezen organizers to the location once more.

"...All information and history regarding the tower are sealed behind Xyla's Personal Quarters in the main hall. Any journal entries laying around have been taken by Doll Four Zero One for her own personal reason. If you seek any history regarding the tower and those who once took refuge here, you should try to Unseal her door." [/align]


And shortly after explaining, Quint finally joined the group from her work securing the main hall. she looked to the Elezens who bowed their head in respect.

"Welcome back, Doll Zero Four One. The Curator, Doll Zero Zero One is active again as request."


Quint then raised her hand for a moment. "Call me Quint, Please." then she turned to the group. "I hope this place is not too confusing for you yet. The companies decided to infiltrate the lab to see if anything was left." she examined the group, eyeing the books they had as a mental smile formed in her mind. [/align]

[align=center]"So. Shall we continue looking around?"


Perhaps mentioning what that sealed room could hold may lead the way into understanding the tower's history...[/align]

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"Nah, it's a rather clean and organized one so far, don't worry."


Simeon did raised a brow though. Not about the seal and location of the asked items, but for the denomination of their Doll Zero Four One? What the eck was that thing? Caution was to be maintained there.


"And you actually arrive just in time. Your... friends there informed use history regarding this tower are stored in the locked quarters of a certain... Xyla? Near the main hall. Sealed. Look like an idea to get there to investigate next no?"

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Aurora put the book down, feeling she can requests a copy when she leaves the library. The mention of the Great Gubal Library fills her with a little nostalgia.


The reminiscence was disturbed when she heard a sound from one of the shelves. She anxiously brandished her specter and looked to the other explorers and realized that they didn't notice the sound. Thinking it her imagination she decided not to mention it an withdrew her weapon.


With few books of interest to her on the South Wall, she decided to wait until the group goes to the next wall to purview the contents there.


She remembered Quint and the librarians' mammot characteristics, and was enamored by the poppets. She realized however that much like the tomestones and original copies here they are likely off limits, and how difficult it would be to explain why she would have a life-sized automaton with her in her report to the Immortal Flames. Curiosity about this Xyla and how she is able to create this tower, hidden by the forces of the Holy See and the Dravanians, continue to well with in her.

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Julienoix would go and place the tomes back, nodding to the Elezens as he said, "I would love to have copies of some of these tomes to read on my own time." Before smiling at the arriving Quint.


Julienoix says with a smile at Quint. "Greetings. You must be the one called Quint. Thank you for allowing us all this opportunity to explore."

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[align=center]The Elezens started walking away as one refereed to Julienoix "It shall be made in time." then took off. Leaving to do their job as Quint was in the room. [/align]


[align=center]"I am indeed Quint. The Tower is more or less a strange thing to behold from a distance." she mentioned as the word about the sealed room resonated with her horns. "Xyla. Her personal quarters is sealed behind some kind of seal. I sadly cannot undo it. Any of you are welcome to break the seal if you wish. No telling what is in there though." she made her way around and looked among the group. making sure everything was in order.


As they talked, one Elezen had to bring over a ladder to climb up and grab a scroll in one of the boxes on top of the shelves. From that scroll, she peered at it before taking it down. She handed it to Quint to view as if to confirm if it is right. "Turning Heaven's Wheel...This is the scroll. Thank you." she turned to Simeon. "In the time it takes them to make copies, I can easily do it in half. Besides, we have plenty made." offering it to him without any care. "It's one of Xyla's favorites."[/align]


[align=center]Just after, Quint looked to the library once more. "If we are done here, I would like to remind the captains about the deal...Half of the books here will be donated and divided." but upon hearing that, the Elezen seemed a tad shocked. 


"But Quint. This place is the ultimate accumulation of one person's quest-" she stopped as the Curator made itself present for them. Quint continued on. "Negotiations are hard as is. This is the best way to ensure they don't destroy our home." and then looking to the Curator...


"Curator. I entrust you with aiding the transportation of their books." to which it raised an arm up to notify it's confirmation.

"Acknowledge. Disabling Defense Systems. Enabling Cautionary Counter Measures." [/align]


[align=center]Quint finally sighed. "I am terribly sorry. We should cut our time short here and head off. If the sealed room is Xyla's personal quarters then..." she faded her voice, already lost in her own thought processing. [/align]

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Julienoix would frown a bit towards Quint, nodding as she mentioned donating half of the books, but would sense distress coming from Quint as she mentioned Xyla and her private chambers.


"Are you in distress, Mistress Quint?" The tall Elezen would calmly ask the Xaela.


He would then walk up to Quint, giving her a gentle caring smile.

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