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I want a bounty hunter after me

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My character unknowingly has a very high bounty on his head atm. I would love to have some people go after him. 


Here's the rules:

You cannot kill him

You cannot rape him

you cannot maim him. 

You cannot God mod him. 


Breaking his arm or leg or something along those lines? Sure! If you can. 


I use a roll system. Think Grindstone. Hit him three times then you get to be the one who drags him off to jail. He hits you three times, he gets away or calls for help on the guild pearl or something. I know that's not exactly a perfect measure of IC skill but since we likely don't know each other - it seems like the fairest way. If you would rather rp it out, let me know!


If you are interested, please pm me and we can discuss it more. Thank you!

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My characters owning a bounty and body guarding business would surely pursue this. I can agree to all of the terms.


All I would need to know is IC based, amount of the bounty, details as to why he is wanted. They can be vague.


Feel free to PM me or get in contact with my IG, Khallendra Khaine and Talon Khaine

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