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A Meeting of Minds (07/29/16)

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[align=center]A Meeting of Minds[/align]




Where: Mists Ward 12, plot 1. 

When: Friday 29th of July, 7pm EST | 01 AM BST 


Do you like to debate things? Have you got some strong opinions that you want to air to a crowd? Is there anything that you just need to rant about? Have you spotted a conspiracy theory that you want to test in front of others? 

Then a meeting of minds is for you. On this evening the floor will be open for the discussions of different subjects, rants, theories, heck even poetry and other verbal activities that require a small crowd. Your imagination sets the limits! 


Anonymity is completely allowed! If you do not want to show your face, or speak in your real voice, you don't have to. The Meeting of Minds will not reveal your identity unless you choose to do so yourself. 


Refreshments will be available and passed around during the event. 

In order to ensure a safe environment to debate in, weapons need be left by the door and violence is strictly prohibited. Any such behavior will lead to a permanent ban to all future meetings of mind. 


P.S - Hiring bouncers. Contact Nailah Quill for details. 




The OOC bit: 


This event has limited capacity! 

In order to keep the chat from overflowing and ensure that everyone gets heard, the doors will be closed when a set amount of people have joined the event. 

In order to participate, please line up in front of the door to the estate before the event starts. 


Topics of discussion and further instructions on how the debates will be managed will be briefed about icly when the event starts. 



Event rules: 

1. Participate - You don't have to bring a subject with you, but please offer opinions and be active. The more you can contribute, the better it'll be. 

2. Please stick to the canon lore as best as you can, to minimize confusion. 

3. If you're unsure on if a topic is OK to discuss, feel free to ask first. 

4. Please also stick to the common RP guidelines; especially keep your IC and OOC apart, and be prepared to deal with any consequences coming from what your character says. 


If the event proves successful, then it'll become recurring. As to how often, that will be evaluated after this initial event, however the weekday/time will not change. 

My hope is that this will contribute positively to the social aspect of RP, and also help be a different setting where you can meet people and have fun. 


Cheers for reading o/ 

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The way of signing up is being changed. Rather than sending a message to me, simply queue up outside of the house before the event starts. 

People will be taken in until the slots have been filled. 


Also, all bouncers have been found, thank you!

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