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Mage Armor

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The Odin trial hand/feet pieces are equippable by DoM.


Also, while they don't have a heavy armor appearance, the Allagan replica tunics of casting/healing are decent non-robe tops (expensive though)

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The Samurai outfit from the FFXI event does have a decent heavy-armor look... minus the chest and headpieces. Also, Papalymo's outfit in the Mog Station also has some heavier-armor bits on it, if I recall? I just forget if gloves and such are all one piece or separate parts. In both cases, though, you're straight limited to the colors of those items (red for Samurai and coppery-gold for Papalymo's stuff).


The biggest issue will likely be the chestpiece for that "armor" look.

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Ayyyy, with the Moonfire Faire event going on, you can get at least some plate for your mage!


Here's a cool idea, with the new Legacy Warrior Mail and the Ironworks casting headpiece.



(Not my image, taken from here.)

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A bit far after the point, but yeah. This Faire's gear should help any non-armored class get themselves a bit more heavily armored look. I've used the chest piece and boots to finally get a Combat Smith look I'm pretty happy with.

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I had Jaydhe wear the Legacy armor at the last Grindstone (she was playing matchy matchy with Kage though he was blue and she was purple) so she could see what it was like to move around wearing all that clanky stuff. 


Her conclusion? How the heck do you fight in this? :)


As a completely off topic comment, Gegenji..I keep searching for the wrong names for your two Lalafel. :P oops.

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Well, technically if you just used the chest piece and then had a robe-like skirt piece and some suitably spellcaster-y gloves... you could probably have a nice, armored look that would also seem like you could move around a bit without clanking too much. Maybe with those gloves and boots at HW-levels (I want to say around 56/57) that actually look armor-ish but are for casters. ;)

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Depending on character gender, some of the Scion gear in the cash shop may help you in this endeavor as well.


Papalymo's arms.

Yda's feet. (although her attire is set as one piece, as opposed to Papalymo's which is separate)


Otherwise, moonfire, allagan, alex/midas or ironworks are probably your best bets. At least best that comes to mind atm.


Edit: Some parts of the darklight pieces look a bit "plate-like" as well.

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