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With beta right around the corner


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I'm sure it's not something that most people need to hear, however with Beta being announced I felt a simple reminder would be a good thing to toss down.

It can be very easy to get swept up in the excitement of beta, but please remember that the non-disclosure agreement will be in effect until open beta, which is still quite a ways away.

So please be careful in what you post / talk about on the RPC here after the beta goes live! If it's something discerned from the beta, assume it isn't worth discussing openly on the RPC - even lore. You never know who might be watching, and action could be taken against you account in the worst case. There will be plenty of time for discussion once the NDA gets lifted, and plenty of private means of discussing whatever you wish to discuss.


Plus having NDA beaching content hosted on the site would not be good, as we don't need poor Kylin getting cease and desist letters from SE.




That being said!


I figure we legacy members ought to at least organize ourselves so we all end up on the same beta server!


Some idea have been floating around that we should simply just choose a number down the list, and just make that our official beta server seeing as we don't know names. For example, we could agree to go with the second server down, or the third server down on the list.


Of course, there could be some restrictions or unknown information that makes this difficult to execute, but for now I think it would be a safe bet to just establish a plan ahead of time.

Personally, I'm partial to the second or third server down the list.

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That could work, barring those who are unable to download the skype client for whatever reason.

*cough* covered that with my second sentence *cough*


Anyway, it doesn't matter what we pick, so long as we all end up in the same place. I would not care in the slightest if the first person to complete character creation decides it arbitrarily and the rest of us simply follow. That's probably the most serviceable way to do it.

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I was more referring to those people being unable to have a say in the actual decision itself. Shouldn't really be a big deal, but you never know. Those people might have legitimate reasons for wanting to be on a certain server, etc.


Only issue I can see with the first person going through character creation is the fact that most likely many people will be rushing through it together at the same time. Probably just have people sort of wait as they reach the server selection and make a clear decision known before pushing onward.


Either way, as has been said, probably won't be hard to coordinate most people with a skype chat.

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As one of the non-Skypers I think there are still enough avenues of communication by which to disseminate the information.


For the purposes of the height test that some of us may be conducting, I figured on assembling those willing to help on something reasonably concrete - perhaps the last server alphabetically (as an example).  By the time we're done with that hopefully everyone else will have settled on a server and that information passed along.  I'm not really too worried.  It's not like it will be a huge pain in the rear to re-roll a beta character anyway, for those in the beta.  ;)

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Can't really go into too much detail about the height test or post anything "official" one way or the other until NDA is lifted, but you can probably glean some information from THIS THREAD which in turn spurned from when Deirdre's art thread kind of got derailed by a discussion about height.  The intended project itself has been in planning stages for several months now though.


I figure it will be all right to post some baseline height ranges for each race/gender (and in the case of hyur, 'clan' as well) based on observations from 1.0 and extrapolations from things which are not concealed beneath NDA.


If you want more info feel free to send me a PM.



Once NDA is lifted I'll be glad to "show my work" as it were.  :surprise:


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