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New to the RPC :>


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I'm from Hyperion, but I've been wanting to rp as my actual character so I'm finally working on my balmung alt. Currently lvl 54 whm!


I've been rping as my main for over 4 years now, though it was mainly through tumblr or private chats. However, I'm certainly open to see how he interacts with other people despite how grumpy he might be. As he was created in 1.0, a lot of his character development ties into the things he encountered during that time. 


Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself for now! One of the things I'll be working on will be setting up a wiki entry for him! (*´∇`)



PS. I don't really feel comfortable rping in game so far, just because I'm missing a key item (his eyepatch). So until Odin finally drops it, I'll be working on leveling or open to text rps :>

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Howdy there! 


For the eyepatch there are a few workarounds as I know a few of the pirate/tricone hats have built in eyepatches. Might not be exactly what you're looking for but it could work enough to let you RP until you get the other one.


Feel free to check out the [balmung] RP Event Calendar and the newly renovated [balmung] RP Venue Listing.

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