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Seeking spies

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Title says just about everything I want to, but here is the rest. Im looking for:


Characters that need or want spy training.


Characters that are already spy types and are seeking an organization to join or an antagonist spy organization to oppose.


Characters or groups seeking to have a spy among them for story or plot reasons.


If there is an interest please either send me a private message or post here and I will message you myself. Short and sweet, but I can and will happily answer other questions anyone might have.


Thanks for reading.


EDIT: If you are already in a FC it will not be a problem. You do not need to join my FC or any linkshells. Forgot to mention that bit. >.>

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Given that my character has loudly proclaimed "I need to practice spycraft!", this seems like it might be worth a shot! Is there a time of day you're easy to contact during?

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Aghurlal is a career infiltrator and spy, and has been since he was way too young. He's ICly heavily involved with the Dutiful Sisters of the Eidelweiss, so it'd be easy to pick up his services and/or obtain his interest in meetings and the like by advertising within the "convent".

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If you cast apart the nature of my character, she appears to be a 10 years old child and would definately be the kind of spy no one would suspect. I'll be more than happy to have her trained for whatever spying needs, just for fun (quite the Sherlock Holmes vibe with spying streets orphans :P).

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