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[HW spoilers] New Tales from the Dragonsong War


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Yes. Fixed. I'd just woken up. x_x




All the first story told me is how bloody lucky Aymeric is to have friends who are willing to risk it all for him... I mean, if the Archbishop could "disappear" the previous Archimandrite, what's to say he couldn't have done the same to Aymeric if so inclined? And probably would, had people not intervened at the Vault?

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I love these stories so much. It's nice to see that there were others who noticed what was happening with the archbishop and it wasn't something largely overlooked (well, it was and it wasn't).


Though I enjoyed the little details the most out of all of this. Like how Charibert used some tiny flames with his fingertip to open the letter or mention how he could boil his opponent alive in his own armor.



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