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Hi there!


I can think of like... a dozen ways your character could have some background connections to most of the characters in my entire social group. xD


If you use Discord (or you're willing to give it a try), I can invite you to our public channel to discuss some ideas with my friends and I. We use it for text chat only, so don't worry if you're sensitive about voice chat and such (personally I hate voice chat with a passion, so...). In-game discussion could work too, in a party, though it'd need to be later tonight when everyone's home from work (but most of them are on Discord all day). Shoot me a PM to let me know. :)

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Hey there, I'd be down for setting up some sort of back story between our characters, or even just RPing out and becoming new friends, whichever you'd prefer! 


I'm also in the EST, but I tend to get on a little later at night, though it might not be an issue depending on how late you play! If you're interested in figuring something out either hit me up on here or find me in game sometime, my character is Flynn Ivers!

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Hello! Likewise, I'd be up for setting up some manner of backstory, given that Leanne is also from Gridania!


My hours are awfully flexible, so any PM or message in game could reach me at most moments! My character's name is Leanne Delphium, obviously x3

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I'm totally up for backstory ties. My character grew up in Gridania. They might be friends, foes, whatever you fancy!


I'm GMT though, so that might be hard to catch each other except on week ends maybe. Feel free to reach me out if you wish!

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