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Finally on Balmung!

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I'm new to Balmung, but not new to FFXIV or to RP.


This handsome fellow is Sylvain Tolbert, Ishgardian noble and pursuer of magical knowledge.


I'm looking for RP partners, if anyone's interested in befriending a smart, sneering, flirtatious, haughty elezen.


I'm also looking for an RP FC, preferably something with a focus on Ishgard, entertaining, or magic.


Sylvain's inspiration Tumblr is in my signature (maybe slightly NSFW at times), and I'll make a wiki for him this week.



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Yessss, another tumblr to follow. +_+ Excellent!


Congrats for getting on Balmung! My main character hops to and from Ishgard and could easily bump into yours, and I know a few Ishgardian contacts that might interest you.

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Welcome to Balmung! I'd love to RP with you sometime! I've got 7 RP characters, 5 of which are Elezen (I have a problem - I can admit it), and three of which are Ishgardian. Also, if you're looking into FCs, check out the Mythril Wings! One of our focuses is magical research, so Sylvain might fit in!

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Oh, I see I derpily pointed out where to go for making a wiki page (hopefully that was helpful! >>) but didn't actually say hi or anything. Oops! Hey, I've had a tired and stressful couple of weeks... sorry about that. :)


So, without further delay, hi!


Hopefully you've been settling in nicely already by now, but if you're still looking to make some new friends, my FC is hosting a tavern night soon (event details) and you're welcome to come by and meet people. If you can't make it or that sort of hectic chat scroll just isn't your thing, you could always reach out to us on our Discord server (non-FC friends are welcome in our public text chat) or just show up at our venue during USA evening hours and you might run into some of us doing RP. :D Details on the Discord and our venue are at our FC page here on the RPC.


Hope to see you around! The RP world needs more elezen!

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