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Hello everyone! ^_^


I play a character who was taken into the Empire's ranks (by force) at a young age and who has after 15 years of Garlean service, been captured by Gridania and then over the course of a year, been treated to remove the Empire's influence over her.


Now free from the Empire's brainwashing, but with still lingering thoughts and memories towards the Empire (You dont get 15 years of training out of your head that easily) 



So, thats the basic backstory.

What I am looking for is players who either play as guards or other officials in the Gridania ranks who might have had a hand in her capture and healing process (for check ups maybe?) 


or players who play on the Garlean side who might recognize her from the 15 years she was with the Empire and who might work on getting her back in the ranks or who just like to sit with a Garlean and talk about the good old days(?)


or just players who might have heard some rumors (some are on my characters Wiki) and who might have a big problem with an Ex-garlean walking around. (I have no problem with hostility towards my character for her background ^_^ Makes for nice RP sometimes ^^)

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Koharu is a Garlean spy who has also been forced to join to work for the Garlean Empire because her family has been taken as prisoner. After years of training, she has been ordered to infiltrate Eorzea to prepare for next invasion, gathering intel and reporting it back to the empire. Over the years, she has been working for different Centurion, blending in as she continues to struggle to keep her family safe and alive.


I would love to have Koharu RP as one of Sillice's Garlean connection! We can talk about it more via pm or ingame(Koharu Iyashi).

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Abagail is a traitor to the Garlemald and served in their ranks once proudly until recently. She was known as Abelia Nan Armiger whilst in and was somewhat of a field medic but still took to the front lines during the Doman rebellion and the push through Othard.


If you are looking for a Garlean connection you are free to look me up!


Edit:silly phone autocorrect

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I've got an alt who is a Garlean deserter, originally recruited from an occupied populace. So far he's extremely tight-lipped about where he got his engineering skills, but it'd be a relief to have sympathetic ties. If you're interested hit me up either here or in game--I'm usually on my main, Aden. The alt in question doesn't come out of the toybox that often, but I'm seeing a lot more activity that might interest him lately...

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Valen was in the Garlean Empire, but went AWOL shortly before the Calamity. He's based out of Limsa, but he's been trying to help out defected Garleans when he can, and typically keeps up with recent events, so it wouldn't be too far out of reach to say he heard something about this.


You can refer to his wiki if you want to learn more about him (bear in mind, it's a bit outdated and in need of some major updating). If you're interested, just shoot me a PM and maybe we can work something out.

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I currently play a garlean shadow (Mei') who could work either on getting her back into the Empire or trying to prevent her miraculous freedom to be taken over once more, depending on the relationship she could have with your chara and the context of the situation, or the orders she could receive to prevent a garlean who served for 15 years to give information to the enemy. All up to you!

Don't hesitate to contact me by PM or IG for furthermore details : )

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