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Hello! Second try newbie here.


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Hello folks! So... technically not new to FFXIV, but having a go at it again after being told about the RP community on Balmung. 


I'm actually quite fond of this game, but I found on my first go around it just didn't feel like it had much for me to grasp at. Or at least, it didn't give me anything I couldn't get from other games. Or maybe its just because I found Archer/Bard to be disappointing since it wasn't in line with the kind of Bard I play in D&D :V Either way, I'm back in the game playing an Arcanist this time and finding it feeling a lot more to my sort of play style.


Anyway, this time around me and my boyfriend are gonna give the RP scene a shot. T'was something I spent A LOT of my youth doing (I'm sure you could collect a novel's worth of RP logs from my old AIM and Gaia Online account alone), but am quite fascinated with the idea of being able to merge that experience with an MMORPG, as I've never done it before. Plus I hadn't been able to do RP stuff in ages so I figured this would be a perfect excuse to get back into it.


With that said though, I've found myself coming here reading through a lot of posts regarding lore and such while trying to parse it with my boyfriend who's far more a veteran than a lot of my other friends who play it (Like I think he said he started playing back when 1.0 launched). Still, I found y'all seem pretty polite and knowledgeable about such things, so I hope it isn't too much trouble to go around here trying to figure out how to fit in with y'all.



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Hello and welcome to the community!


FFXIV was the first MMO I ever RPed in too, and I found it to be a great for breaking in your RP shoes. I've tried others since then, and most seem to...lack something. I can't quite put my finger on it. Something something immersion something


Awyes, Arcanist is a great class! And it gives you a choice between a healing or dps role after 30, which is always nice (and something I wish other classes did).


But yes, welcome! I hope to see you two around. :D

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Also, if you need help parsing the lore posts... or just have some lore questions you're unsure whether or not have been covered - feel free to just ask! Someone will likely either give you an answer, or a link to a post relevant to the answer!

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Welcome aboard, you two! 


As someone who also joined pretty recently, the best way- I think- to delve into the world's lore is just to follow along with the class / main storylines. There's a boatload of lore there and it'll get you pretty well caught up with the state of affairs in the world at large. Of course, that's not to mention that both of these are completely freakin' awesome too!

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Awwe thanks y'all. I'm happy to say I've already found a rather nice FC/LS to join. Perfect level of IC fun and OOC shenanigans. Still, its pretty astounding playing on Balmung compared to my last server. There's just SO MANY people and there's always stuff going on its kinda nuts, but in the best way possible.

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