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Clan/Tribeless Seekers


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Hello! I have recently begun considering making a clanless Seeker of the Sun character. I am personally not too interested in the tribal aspect, but I also like the other side of it. Those who willingly split from the pack to find their own path, free of tribal life. Now, I'm probably going to make this character regardless of what is said, but I want to hear everyone's thoughts on clan/tribeless Seekers.

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Hey there!


Don't think there's a single thing wrong with any character just wanting to walk away from the tribal life and embrace a different lifestyle from the start- especially a life that caters more to freedom and the open road to travel wherever you wish. Even a wolf pack has a few "lone wolves" which wander off on their own to join other groups or just hunt alone. I think that the choice between the two really comes down to who you want your character to be- it doesn't really have a whole lot to do with lore or any expected norm that I've ever seen. 


I say go for it!

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I think it's fine, I don't see anything wrong with it. I can see it being very difficult to break away from everything you once knew, but that doesn't meant it isn't impossible to. 


I play a tribeless seeker, but she was adopted into a Highlander family when she was very young and remembers very little, to nothing about where she came from. What she knows is based on what her adopted father had told her and that's it. 


But yeah, try it out. I don't see anything wrong with it.

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Pretty sure there are plenty miqo'te NPCs that are clan/tribeless within the actual game. And I myself play an ex-tribal Seeker that was kicked out by a rival Tia, and another Seeker who's mother left the tribe when he was three and was raised in Limsa Lominsa instead. There's definitely different routes you can take, whether you include a tribal/clan background or not.


Plenty of miqo'te RPers I've met had characters that were adopted by another race, their parents lived in the city/non-tribal village, or had been chased out of their tribes, or left on their own accord to live an adventurer's life... etc. etc. Miqo'te aren't restricted to living a tribal life thankfully, so go nuts and make a backstory you're happy with. :)

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Lore supports it. Most of the miqo'te you will see in cities are either living there as citizens, or more importantly, a lot of them are even enlisted in various crews of sorts. They don't live a tribal life. They have a job, and probably a place to live in the city as well.


It is even more anchored in lore since there is the whole deal of conflict between Keepers integrating in gridanian cities vs the tribal ones living outside. 


Then you can even imagine a blend between the two. Tribal miqo'te living in a tribe, but in a tribe not sufficiently isolated anymore to keep its business out of cities. You can perfectly imagine a tribe living as a tribe outside, but sending some of its members not to hunt/fish/whatever tribal you have, but to trade, work in the city, profit from its riches, etc.


I don't think there is a sealed wall between both.

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Pretty sure there are plenty miqo'te NPCs that are clan/tribeless within the actual game.


Off the top of my head: F'lhamin, Storm Marshal(?) What'sHerName, every dancer in Ul'dah, every dancer in Costa del Sol, the quest giving pirate female near the Aftcastle aethernet shard in Limsa.


The only ones we see actually being tribal are the segment of the U tribe that lives in Forgotten Springs. So yeah, this may be one of the least controversial character choices available for a Miqo'te.

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