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Greetings from Jenova


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Honestly this is like my third introduction so if I get in trouble for doing so many I apologize but I often disappear for a year and who knows who left when you pop your head back up. I'll consider this as an introduction for those who never met me which im sure is a majority of you.


As said above, I am from Jenova and was once on Balmung in the beginning. I transferred to Jenova to help a small rp community grew and it luckily has done so as many of us casually rp, even though many of us focus end game. Even so I don't want to simply cut off chances of meeting like minded people though other means. My Role Play experience is more casual than most but I have years of experience ranging from Warcraft to some forum rp and now Final Fantasy. I tend to be the quiet type these days though, not always shy sometimes the unheard blade is the deadliest, but I do role play a range of characters depending on my character limits. Luckily I only rp two characters to this date so that's something.


Anyway I hope to make new connections and this time hopefully I wont simply disappear now that I no longer hope games and have found my home in Final Fantasy.

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