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Gridanian-based Linkshell/FC (not limited to such).

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I didn't happen to see anything in either the Linkshell or Free Company directory, so I will fish here!


At the start, I want Ollie's character to revolve more around him being Gridanian, so I figure this is a good place to start.


I think I'm more looking for just a LS at first so if anyone knows of one I'd be highly interested!

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I've been looking for something on this front for a while too; I'm playing a Hearer and would love to have some Gridanians to wax nostalgic with about the good-old-days before we let all those outsiders into the Shroud. If you want to get something started, let me know. My character name is Kerin Misteyes. (In-game is better than PMs, I don't check these forums except when I'm really bored.)

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