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The Lurking Candy Girl


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Helena Espada (Character WIKI) here! I reside on Balmung, and have done so since 1.0's Relese.


I'm recently jumping into the RP community. As a game veteran I would occasionally sit in the adventurer's guild and watch the RP chat, never really participating. I would like to start out making some connections with new friends that i can RP with. 


If you see me around please know that i'm really new to the whole MMO RP thing, so be gentle :P , and constructive criticism is always welcome. If you see something in my wiki that could use some help please feel free to let me know. 


I do have a long time FC, so I would prefer to have an LS that i could utilize for networking and such. 


Well, Don't want to make my intro too long, Thank you everyone :blush:

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Hey there, welcome to the RP scene and the RPC Forums!


I will try and keep an eye out for you but am horrible with remembering names. So if you happen to see a Savona Drake or U'khoa Ohhbi, well, that's me so don't feel shy to shoot me a /tell and say high!

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The world could always use more whimsy and I daresay a chocolate selling, pink wearing, jubilant conjurer is an ample amount of whimsy. I hope you find fun people to complement your character and RP with.


I'm also newly moved and I can safely encourage you to reach out to other RPers in game, you may be surprised how willing to converse most are! ^^


Welcome to the community; all the best!

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HOLY CRAP--Ayaka must meet her! She must have those chocolates! She's addicted to those things hahaha SELL/GIVE HER CHOCOLATES, SHE'LL DO ANYTHING IN EXCHANGE FOR THOSE SWEET TREATS xD


With that said though, HI AND WELCOME TO THE RP WORLD! If you ever see Ayaka Yatsurugi, please, don't hesitate to send a tell! xD I'm usually in QS when I'm bored and want to RP watch haha xD

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