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I'm so blown away at how Square Enix keeps on making the story I wrote for Manari over a year ago completely legit and accurate. First they made Keepers being from the Black Shroud official, now they just said that Keepers take their mothers name and live in a matriarchal society, in small little tribes! It's like someone at SE is stealing my ideas!


Her birth name isn't too off, it's only 2 syllables "Mnahri" like Mna-Ree. But her last name, both birth and the one she took years ago aren't quite right. But I'm actually pretty freaking ecstatic about all this Keeper lore!

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I suspect the newly-revealed lore will cause a lot of "whoops" reactions.


"Kannadi Albedo," for instance, is completely wrong for Anglo-Saxon naming conventions, but then again, so is she. Both her first and last name pertain to reflection, being that I designed her as an eventual Blue Mage. It's a fine name for an adventurer, but an inaccurate name for a Hyur Midlander.


So what? I'll just rationalize it away as a variation in culture. Besides, her family's wealthy, they can buy themselves whatever names they want.


Anyway, the lore on roegadyn names definitely came in handy for the alt I'll be making.

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This is great information! However, most long-standing XIV RPers aren't going to make drastic changes to their names at this point. Had this info come two years earlier, it may be a different story. It'll certainly come in handy for new characters we make though, as well as NPCs.


I figure there are millions upon millions of inhabitants in Eorzea. It's only natural not all of them follow the cultural conventions. A few hundred adventurers/inhabitants who stray from normal names certainly won't break anything. I figure if I have a character at any time that goes against the naming conventions and someone asks ICly about the name, a simple response would be: "I dunno, ask my parents." And that's the end of that.


Awesome info either way and glad they're at least giving it to us now, even if it is a little late for some of us. Looking forward to what other lore bombs they plan to eventually share with us via this new forum :)

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Kylin is right. Considering how mixed all of the races have become throughout the city states it wouldn't exactly be unheard of to have a name that doesn't closely follow traditional conventions.


In fact I can see many Miqote distancing themselves by going out of their way to take on a non traditional name.

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As I'm yet to ever play this game, I'm very happy about these news. It means I'll be able to get it right from the start - even if my main toon is from the empire. But they have roman-latin names with dutch surnames so that's easy to fit at lore as well. o/


I want to play so baaaaaaaaaaaadly.


Can't wait for the digital download release.

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I kinda've had a false start a long while ago, but I only really hovered around group RP once or twice. When it became certain that male Miqo'te were on the way I abandoned all RP and decided to wait for ARR.


Needless to say I'm very excited to finally get SOMETHING to go on. I must've sat down to work on a back story several times now only to inevitably come to the conclusion that we just don't know enough about them to write one without risking a huge ret-con.

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I can't even begin with how wrong K'aworu's /entire/ name apparently is, lol. But it's kind of fun either way.


I'm not sure if I'll rename or rework his name according to this new lore or not. What about you guys?


I will attempt to tweak Anzil's name, but given his origins, I am not sure he would even be named after normal conventions to begin with.

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Oi, my name is all wrong! *cries*


Eh, there's always a way around it. Mtoto's method, for instance. Or in Rhio's case, the fact that her family has been in Ul'dah for a long while and just dropped normal Miqo'te naming conventions in favor of ones that other Ul'dahns would understand.


My own name doesn't follow French conventions, but no one seems to question my heritage.

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