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Anyone know of any late night RP FCs?

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Hey! Have spent the last few days/nights (at random hours) asking in PF for any late night EST Free Companies whose events and members are most active around 9pm till whenever.


Of course, that's been hard to find. I've been trying to log on earlier to attend events and such but with work and a little 19month old, it's either hit or miss. Mostly I miss them or arrive at the tail end of it.


Anyone have anything or know of an FC active around that time? Looking for something where Savona can maintain a NPC type job, such as waitress, bartender, cook, maid, anything like that. I'd also like if they had more of a mercenary/adventurer side to them as well that she can sort of begin to grow into.


So in other words, I'm not really picky. I'll carefully consider anything as long as the activity is around those hours.


Thanks for any help that may be received!

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I run events for my start-up band of Immortal Flame adventurers around EST, but I myself am PST with some members in that zone. We're an LS (link below!), and the loose nature of the unit both in terms of IC flavouring and the fact we're not an FC should make it easier to fit into.

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