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I've a sword/spearwoman (GLA/LNC) who would likely get along grandly with your character. Hangs around the Quicksand in Ul'dah as sellswords are wont to do. Has a tendency to treat people who seem younger than her as kid siblings too, so... probably won't turn out to be a romance. Also relatively new to the game, only been playing for the past few months.


You're welcome to shoot me a PM on here to discuss things or stop by the Quicksand to RP once you've got airship access.

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I offer up my character Khunbish as tribute .. I mean in intrigued by the character and would be interested in how she pans out with mine in rp.


He used to be a tribal shaman and now he's mostly just a fisherman


Also it's fairly normal for RP to have a separation from the mechanical side, not everyone is playing a warrior of light with the echo in rp.


Also welcome to balmung rp!

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Welcome aboard to the RPC! :thumbsup:


I can offer up Kasi here as a wanderer, traveler, mercenary, odd-jober, cook and grilling-enthusiast, so there's a lot of potential connections there depending on where you'd like to go! I imagine she'd probably get on well with Ai though if nothing else, for an occasional crossing of the paths. If something catches your eye though, feel free to poke me!

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I'd like to offer up my character Izayoi. She's another Raen, though more martially skilled than magically. I have a feeling they would get on, through their no doubt shared experiences with the Galreans and Eorzea.


If you have Discord feel free to message me on Swanmay#4079 otherwise feel free to PM me if you're interested.

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