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Hello there!


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Hello everyone!

I've rejoined the ranks of Balmung after a bit of a break away from the game, and have been enjoying my time thus far back in Eorzea. 

As for my history, I've dabbled a bit in roleplay in and out of other games, but I'd really like to give it the ol' college try. I haven't gotten too far as roleplay goes in FFXIV, but would like to change that. 

Currently my main is Zala Gelfhi, a 'jack of all trades' Miqo'te. Looking really to settle in somewhere and start developing her a bit more!

Looking forward to meeting more of you as time goes on!


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Hey there, and welcome back! :thumbsup:


There's a pretty enormous community out there to get involved into, and your best bet is going to be a decent FC and getting plugged in with some Linkshells. Patroling these forums to meet other people looking for connections (like me) is a good way to make a few too! Zala sounds a bit like Kasi, at that. I could probably recommend ShroudLife to you as a way to get some exposure to the Miqo'te community and roaming RP as well. Beyond that, you're certainly welcome to run across me sometime too!

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Hi Zala and welcome!


As everyone else mentioned, definitely get out and go to different events and see which communities you enjoy. Don't feel like you have to jump into an FC immediately as you are still finding your style.


If you are ever looking for someone to RP with feel free to shoot me a tell or stop by the Gridania Inn to say hi! I do both social and plot driven RP so just let me know :D

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