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Neither new to the game, nor to Balmung, buttttt--


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I am new to the RPC!


I’m Bebe!


I’ve actually been in the game for quite a while, but haven’t exactly put my feelers out there as far as RP goes.


I am incredibly shy when it comes to my writing, but I figure part of breaking out of that shell is joining and frequenting a community like this. 


I can usually be found giraffeing around on Balmung as myDuskwight, Janelle Colbernoux. She’s a scholarly extrovert, a playful provocateur, and is always up for meeting new people!


If you're interested at all in her, getting to know me, or roleplaying, you can contact me through this site, or my discord: Yung Sorbet#2254


Thanks so much for reading, and I hope to meet some of you soon~!



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Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC! :thumbsup:


Anything in particular that you're looking for as far as character encounters go? I can always offer up a run-in with Kasi, if that sounds like it'd be an interesting encounter with Janelle! I've got Kasi's basics in my signature for reference.

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